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Your Power Brake System & Brake Service in San Diego

The power brake system is what provides your vehicles with braking power. That means you don’t have to do all the work yourself when you press your brake pedal. 

So, how does the power brake system work? The actual brakes are applied to the wheel with hydraulic pressure. When you step on the pedal, it creates pressure in the power booster that is multiplied by a vacuum from the engine. This results in pressure pushing brake fluid through the master cylinder, into tubes and hoses that run to the brake at each wheel. 

Typical Power Brake System Problems

Your Power Brake System & Brake Service San DiegoWhere do issues with the power brakes usually occur? Well, in most cases, there is a fluid leak somewhere along the line. It may be a fitting or a hose or even an internal leak in the master cylinder. When there is a leak, the pressurized fluid has somewhere to go other than the brakes, effectively weakening your stopping power. 

If you lose enough fluid, you will not be able to stop your car at all. Needless to say, that could leave you in a very dangerous situation. If you notice any decrease in stopping power or if your brake pedal seems to be a bit ‘mush,’ you may have a serious issue that needs to be checked out by a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego. In that case, bring your car on by to your local Automobile Repair Shop in San Diego for a safety inspection immediately. 

There are some preventative maintenance tasks that can help maintain your power brake system. Firstly, you want to ensure that your brake fluid is filled to the recommended level. Master cylinder leaks are often caused by worn cylinders. Leaks in the brake lines and connectors can be reduced by replacing the brake fluid routinely. 

The Right Brake Fluid Is Important

Brake fluid has additives that protect against corrosion that may damage brake parts and components. Brake fluid also collects any moisture that may lead to rust. This can be catastrophic for costly anti-lock breaks. 

Significant amounts of water build up in the brake fluid can also impact stopping power because the water has a lower boiling point than the brake fluid. In a high-temperature environment of the brake system, the water may vaporize. Steam does not do an adequate job to provide hydraulic pressure and stop your car. 

You should also use your recommended brake fluid, but there are many kinds. Using the wrong kind can lead to brake failure. Your mechanic in San Diego can help you choose the right brake fluid for your car. 

Brake Service San Diego

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