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You Need to Replace Your California Spark Plugs Regularly

Spark Plugs Play a Key Role in Your Vehicle’s Performance

You Need to Replace Your California Spark Plugs RegularlyThe part of your engine known as the spark plug is responsible for performing a huge task that delivers power, performance, dependability, and fuel efficiency. According to the Car Care Council, the spark plug should be replaced periodically in order to ensure optimal performance. 

In many ways, the spark plug is one of the hardest working components of your car. Spark plugs are able to fire around 400 times per minute per cylinder or 1,600 times a minute on a four-cylinder engine. However, many vehicle owners put off repairing their car’s spark plugs, even after failing entirely. This is a critical error because damaged or worn spark plugs can cause damage to the engine, reduce fuel efficiency, and negatively impact performance, including misfiring, hard-starting, and sluggish acceleration. 

Signs of Spark Plug Issues

If you notice of the following signs, it is probably time to visit a mechanic San Diego at  Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to have your car checked in order to avoid more costly issues later on. 

  • Rattling, pinging, or knocking sounds. You may begin to notice strange sounds due to the force of the pistons when spark plugs start to misfire. Pistons move at high speeds, and if the spark plug fires at the incorrect time, it could result in constant rattling, pinging, or knocking noises. 
  • Hard vehicle start. If your vehicle is having a difficult time starting or is just a jerky, you may have an issue with your spark plugs. This can cause misfires and erratic vehicle performance. 
  • Decreased performance. When you accelerate and change gears, your spark plugs fire. If the spark generated by the plug is not working optimally, your performance will suffer, and you may experience a sluggish drive. 
  • Poor fuel economy. There are many things that can lead to poor fuel economy. When the cause is old spark plugs, you will waste fuel because your car will fail to receive proper spark at the right time. 

It is recommended by the Car Care Council that consumers consult with their owner’s manual for the recommended interval to replace spark plugs, and it is also advised that all spark plugs be replaced at the same time. 

Replacing your spark plugs can be a fairly inexpensive maintenance task and can be performed by a qualified San Diego auto mechanic. Contact Automobile Repair Shop in San Diego to set up an appointment and have your car checked out today. 

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