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Why Your Check Engine Light Came On in San Diego

A check engine light is an indication that usually means something needs to be fixed for your vehicle to work properly. Read on to find out five reasons why your check engine light came on

Check Your Gas Cap

This is probably one of the easier fixes when to solve your check engine light. If you have a loose, missing, or damaged gas cap, then it could send a signal that triggers the check engine light. This is a simple fix and can help prevent your gas from evaporating. You just have to tighten or replace your gas cap if it is missing or damaged. 

Replace Your O2 Sensor

This is one of the most typical vehicle repairs. If it goes ignored, it can decrease your vehicle’s fuel performance by nearly 40%. A failing oxygen sensor could be caused by neglected vehicle repairs, engine problems, or using gas with an ethanol concentration that is too high. 

Replace Your Catalytic Converter

This is the second leading problem faced by vehicle owners. It is crucial to have a functioning catalytic convertor because it helps convert harmful carbon monoxide from your vehicle into carbon dioxide. In most cases, a failing catalytic convertor also means that there is another underlying problem, so you will probably need to have some other repairs, such as a spark plug or ignition coil replacement. 

Check Your Spark Plugs or Plug Wires

Why Check Engine Light San Diego Came OnSpark plugs can also potentially trigger your check engine light sensor. Along with impacting the catalytic convertor, defective spark plugs can also potentially decrease your vehicle performance and fuel economy. If you want to see if you have any issues with your spark plugs or wires, you should take your vehicle into an auto repair shop in San Diego to have your car checked out by a qualified mechanic. 

Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor Failure

This is crucial because it is responsible for measuring the amount of air entering your engine in order to determine how much fuel is needed to run properly. This means that if your MAF sensor is not functioning properly, then your fuel economy will decrease along with your overall vehicle performance. This can result in negative impacts for your O2 sensor, catalytic converter, and park plus as well. 

It is advised to have your vehicle checked out by a mechanic in San Diego at the first sign of a check engine light. 

Check Engine Light San Diego

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