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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Next Car Inspection

Vehicle inspections are an important component of vehicle maintenance and ownership. Like any other complicated machine, cars must be inspected, maintained, and repaired regularly to ensure that everything is working and that there are no serious problems that may impact safety or performance. 

Sadly, many vehicle owners do not know how to perform a full car inspection on their own, which is why it is crucial to schedule an in-depth and regular vehicle inspection. Let’s take a closer look at auto maintenance in San Diego

What Is a Complete Car Inspection?

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Next Car InspectionA complete vehicle inspection includes a thorough, systematic, point-to-point check of the major components of the vehicle’s structure and operations. These are performed on a regular schedule and conducted the same way each time, regardless of previous repairs. A vehicle inspection usually includes: 

  • Fluid checks (including oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid)
  • Tire check (pressure, tread check)
  • Brake inspection
  • Examination of hoses and belts to look for wear or cracks
  • Identification of any battery problems
  • Filter check (including engine and cabin air filters)

Some inspections will also include adjustment of tire pressure and tire rotation. At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, our complete car service covers all these points as well as an inspection of the interior and exterior lights and vehicle suspension. The intent of a vehicle inspection is not to correct all existing problems but instead to diagnose the vehicle and see if any problems need attention. At that point, a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego can do any repairs if necessary. 

Never Skip a Vehicle Inspection

If you fail to get regular check-ups for your vehicle, it can result in disaster later on. It is ill-advised to try to save some bucks by skipping preventative auto maintenance

Some potential consequences of failing to regularly inspect and maintain your vehicle include:

  • Paying more for more extensive repairs down the road
  • Long-term damage to your vehicle, which can sometimes be irreversible
  • Increased risk of a breakdown or accident, significantly reducing car safety
  • Impacted vehicle performance (including acceleration, gas efficiency, and even pollution/smog output)

For example, you may be driving your car with engine coolant levels that are far too low, causing damage to your water pump and other costly components. It is much easier to top off the coolant than to replace a major part. 

Auto Repair San Diego

Automobile Repair Shop San Diego is a family-owned and operated repair shop that has provided quality auto repair in San Diego for years. We offer you hassle-free estimates and repairs in San Diego starting with a precise assessment of your vehicle’s current issues. We will tow your vehicle for FREE to our shop, organize a rental car, and work directly with the insurance company to streamline the repair process. We will even pay up to $500 of your deductible. Contact us today at (619) 330-0862 to see how we can help.