Why You Should Use a San Diego Auto Painting Professional

Why You Should Use a San Diego Auto Painting Professional

The Right Equipment

This may seem pretty obvious, but some people may not realize how important the right equipment is when trying to paint a car properly. There are special paint guns, but these are just one of many pieces of equipment. You also will need a properly ventilated paint booth, paint mixer, a compressor, body materials and tools, sanders, tape and paper, and other items essential to the process. This is not the sort of thing that most hobbyist painters will have lying around their homes. 

The Right Experience

Why You Should Use a San Diego Auto Painting ProfessionalIf you have ever painted a wall or a set of furniture, you likely understand that experience and skill are required to do a decent job. Auto painting requires an even greater level of skill, requiring many years of experience to get the job done right. A body tech at an auto body repair shop in San Diego with years of experience in back-breaking work, such as fixing dents and replacing bumpers, will have the knowledge and skill to make sure the job is done well. Even if you have the best painter in the world, your vehicle will not look good if you do not have the bodywork and preparation done by a pro. Even if your vehicle does not need body work done, preparation is still key. The vehicle has to be sanded, primed, and taped properly to be prepared for paint. 

Color Matching the Paint

A professional body painter will have computers telling them the correct factory colors to help them match the paint on your car. This is especially important for a spot job such as a bumper replacement because you do not want to have two different colors on your vehicles — unless you are going for a two-tone look, of course!

Indoor Environment & Proper Ventilation

When you have your service done at a paint and body shop, your vehicle will be painted indoors in a paint booth. This is a dust-free, clean environment that is regularly inspected to ensure proper ventilation. After completing the paintwork, the vehicle will be allowed to dry indoors, away from any airborne debris that can affect the newly-done paint job. 

Environmentally Safe Disposal of Materials

A paint and body shop that is properly licensed will have the right contacts for companies to pick up and dispose of all solvents, left-over paint, and other materials that are hazardous to the environment. No, a qualified car repair shop San Diego will not just pour the paint into the dumpster. 

Car Service San Diego

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