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Why You Should Routinely Change Transmission Fluid

One of the most efficient ways to extend the life of your car is to have the transmission fluid serviced on a regular basis. Driving with a low fluid level or a fluid leak can result in expensive repairs. Overheating, slipping gears, and premature wear on internal transmission components are all symptoms that you need to change your transmission fluid.

What Is Transmission Fluid and How Does It Work? 

Transmission fluid is a lubricant that decreases friction in the gearbox and distributes heat away from the transmission system’s moving components. Both automatic and manual transmissions serve the same purpose. However, the fluids used in each differ slightly. Transmission fluid also works as a hydraulic fluid in an automatic transmission, assisting gear shifts.

Can I Check the Fluid in My Transmission? 

The majority of current autos have closed transmission systems that do not have a convenient dipstick for checking fluid levels. You will need a professional auto mechanic in Del Mar to check transmission fluid levels in closed systems using computer software or by directly accessing the transmission. If your car has a dipstick for transmission fluid, you may check the color and level of the fluid just like you would your oil. Always use the factory-recommended type if you need to top off your transmission fluid.

Regularly Service Your Transmission

Why You Should Routinely Change Transmission FluidTransmission servicing intervals vary dramatically between auto manufacturers. Some automobiles, for example, require a transmission fluid replacement every 30,000–60,000 miles. Others require it every 150,000 miles. The recommended routine maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle can be found in your service manual. Drivers should be aware that driving in harsh situations (such as stop-and-go traffic, hilly terrain, or towing big loads) can substantially change service intervals. Decide on the optimal maintenance schedule for you with the help of an auto repair shop in Del Mar.

What Are the Benefits of Changing My Transmission Fluid? 

While individual results may vary, there are numerous advantages to changing the transmission fluid. A transmission repair or rebuild is one of the most expensive auto repairs you will need to perform. It is sensible to maintain your vehicle’s transmission on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs. What are the benefits of a transmission fluid flush?

  • Ensure that your vehicle’s transmission lasts as long as possible.
  • Prevent premature wear on the transmission’s gears and other moving components.
  • Assist with the cooling of your vehicle’s engine and transmission.
  • Allow for smoother shifting. 

Auto Repair Shop in Del Mar

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