Improve Your Engine with a Fuel System Cleaning in San Diego CA

Why Won’t My San Diego Car Start?

Some engine repairs are pretty quick and inexpensive resolve. However, some may require the aid of a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego. Here are some of the most common problems that can cause your vehicle to fail to start. 

Bad Battery Cables

If your vehicle makes no noises when you attempt to start it, there may be an issue with the battery cable. Check to see if they are corroded. If you feel comfortable, just take a screwdriver, push the point between the connector and battery post, and give it a twist. If the engine starts, the issue is likely the cable, and you should replace it as soon as possible. 

The Battery Is Dead

If your vehicle still clicks, but will not start, the issue is likely with your battery. If the problem is the battery, usually the only solution is to buy a new one, but if there are issues with the charging system, the battery may be dead because it is not receiving the proper charge. We will discuss this more later. 

The Engine Cranks, But Won’t Start

Why Won’t My San Diego Car Start? in California?The first is a simple check. Are you out of gas? This happens to everyone, and you would certainly not be the first. It is also possible that you have a malfunctioning gas gauge. The issue here may be with the ignition system or the fuel injection system.

You may be unable to check to see if these systems are functioning properly. This is best left to one of the qualified diagnostic mechanics in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

If you are in a jam, you can check the spark plug wires where you connect the spark plugs. In some cases, just jiggling them can be enough to get an improved connection and get your vehicle started until you can take your vehicle to an auto repair shop in San Diego

It Is Not Always an Easy Fix

If you have checked everything you can think of and your vehicle will still not start, it may not be as easy a fix. There may be an issue with the ignition system, or there could be a problem with your fuel pump. In other cases, the only real alternative is to call a tow truck and have your vehicle taken to a nearby repair shop for a test. At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we will do a thorough job tracking down the issue and providing the most affordable repair options. 

Engine Repair San Diego 

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