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Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air?

For all of your automotive service and repair needs, you must visit an auto repair shop. If you’re looking for the best technicians in town, you need to find a qualified auto technician. If your vehicle’s air conditioner is blowing hot air through the vents, your mechanic will be able to fix it. There are a number of issues that can cause this problem, and we will go over them in detail below. Your trusted auto repair shop can also charge your air conditioner in the spring to ensure that it runs smoothly throughout the summer.

Damaged Condenser

Tiny road debris pelts the air conditioner condenser as it passes through the slats or holes in your vehicle’s grille. This debris will clog up the engine. The condenser cools the hot refrigerant, and this allows cold air to flow through your vents. It accomplishes this by using tiny air holes and a condenser fan. Dirt and debris clogged the condenser as they made their way into the air holes. Small rocks can dent the condenser and cause it to fail. Even if your air conditioner is turned on, this can cause hot air to blow out of your vents.

Faulty Condenser Fan

Another issue is that the condenser fan can break down and stop working. You will end up with hot refrigerant circulating through the air conditioning system if the condenser does not have a fan to assist in cooling the refrigerant. When this happens, the air absorbs the heat and blows it into the cabin of your vehicle. It’s possible that the condenser fan is not working because it is broken or because your air conditioner has an electrical issue.

Malfunctioning Compressor

Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air?The compressor is in charge of circulating the coolant throughout the HVAC system. It is also in charge of compressing the gas to turn it into a liquid. The compressor is an automotive component that performs better when used frequently. In other words, if you do not run your air conditioner during the winter, it may not work in the summer due to a faulty compressor.

Low AC Refrigerant

Finally, the air conditioner in your car, truck, or utility vehicle uses refrigerant to cool the air. When this refrigerant is liquid, it can leak out of the hose connectors. It has the ability to evaporate as well. It does, in fact, dissipate over time. Hot air will blow through the vents if the refrigerant level is low.

Car AC Repair in San Diego

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