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Why Having Oil On Your Starter Is No Good

Your mechanic will tell you that the factory starter installed in your vehicle at assembly should last 100,000 miles or more. Motor oil, on the other hand, will kill the starter prematurely. If you have a cracked head gasket or a cracked cylinder block, the oil will leak out and saturate the starter. The starter will be killed prematurely as a result of this. We’ve put together a list of signs that your starter motor is failing so you know what to look for in your car.

Sounds During Ignition

Strange noises may be heard before your car, truck, or utility vehicle ignites, for example. The engine may or may not start as a result of this. Clicking, whirring, or humming are some of the sounds you might hear. If you are able to start the engine, we recommend driving straight to our shop. These noises indicate that the starter and engine are both dead. You will not be stranded if you replace the starter before it completely dies.

Dead Engine

You will eventually end up with a completely dead engine if you do not replace the faulty starter. No amount of effort will be enough to start the engine because it requires a working starter motor to do so. This is why the starter is referred to as such.

Test Your Lights

Why Having Oil On Your Starter Is No Good

You can perform a quick test to see if the starter motor is the cause of your engine’s failure to start. Turn on all of your vehicle’s lights and open the door to check that the interior and exterior lights are working properly. If they are, the battery and alternator are supplying power, indicating that these two components are not the source of your vehicle’s inability to start. Because the starter is dead, the working lights indicate that the engine is dead.

Smoke and Burning Smells

Finally, do not waste any more time trying to start your car. The starter motor will overheat if you keep turning the ignition key or pressing the start button. You will see smoke coming from beneath the hood and smell burning odors coming from the engine when this happens.

Always seek the advice of a qualified auto mechanic or technician at a local repair shop who has dealt with similar problems in the past. That way you can make sure that the issue is taken care of correctly the first time. 

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