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Why Are Vehicles So Expensive to Repair?

There are some significant costs involved when you have to fix mechanical issues with your car. This leaves many car owners wondering why repairs are so expensive.

There are many reasons for the cost of vehicle repairs. Some are understandable while others are doubtful. Automobile Repair Shop in San Diego wants to shed some light on this subject. 

If you want to know why mechanical issues are so costly to fix, just keep on reading. 

Patented Parts

Why Are Vehicles So Expensive to Repair?The cost of using patented vehicle parts is one reason. 

By doing this, vehicle manufacturers are able to establish a type of monopoly on the production of parts. 

Let’s say that you are involved in a minor car accident and need a new grill, fender, or head gasket for your vehicle. 

The patent protection means that you would have to pay for an original factory part instead of just buying an aftermarket component. This can seriously bump up your final price tag. For some vehicles and parts, it can mean that hundreds of dollars can be added to your invoice. 

Luckily, your insurance should be able to cover the costs. However, you may still feel the financial pressure due to the spiked insurance premiums you will be required to pay. 

Overhead Costs

You may believe that your vehicle repair costs are high. 

And, in many cases, they are. However, operating an automotive repair shop — especially one that puts out quality work — is not cheap, either. 

Consider all the tools, equipment rent, utility expenses, and salaries that have to be covered. There is also safety equipment, miscellaneous supplies — including lubricants and solvents — floor jacks, and high-tech diagnosed gear. 

All this together can make auto repair facilities very costly to operate. 

Because of this, owners have to increase their prices in order to be a financially viable business. In order to make a profit, they will charge a premium for parts and repairs. 

In theory, you could find the parts and make the repairs on your own for much less money. However, most of us do not have the time, motivation, or ability to do a decent job. 

By hiring a skilled mechanic, you are paying for the convenience of everything you need to be done. 

Labor Costs

The cost of labor is also significant.

You should look at your latest invoice for your car repair. 

You will likely see that there were two rates applied to the job — the book hours and the shop rates. These book hours are the average length of time required to complete a certain part of repair work. 

The mechanic working on the job may be able to do it in less time, but they are also able to charge by the book hours. That may seem unfair, but it is just how it works in the auto repair industry. 

Certainly, mechanics with more talent and experience will charge more. It is just like a skilled doctor. Their skills are in demand, meaning that they earn significant salaries.

The Price of Experienced Mechanics

Just like other businesses, auto repair shops have to stay competitive in the market. 

They may be over half a dozen mechanics working in your area. In order to keep the doors open, they have to stand out by providing quality service. 

Hiring top-notch mechanics is one way to do it. Shops can ensure that their customers are satisfied by having quality personnel on board. 

However, attracting skilled auto technicians is not cheap. The more experienced a mechanic is, the more money they will expect to be paid. Auto shop owners face this challenge by paying for certain perks, including health insurance and other benefits. 

The negative side is that the customer is one who has to pay for these costs. For the shop to make a profit, they have to recoup the difference somehow. 

High-End Vehicles

Just over the last century, there has been a great level of change in the automotive world. 

Older vehicles are nearly unrecognizable compared to the cars of today. From the design to the technical capabilities, everything is different. Technology has continued to develop at a rapid rate, creating high-tech cars that are faster, safer, and more capable than ever before. 

Updated technologies, like cameras, interactive cruise control, and parking assist make driving easier than ever, but these technologies can greatly increase the cost of repairs. 

With self-driving cars just around the corner, in the coming years, we will literally just be passengers while the car drives itself. Mechanics, materials, and components will all increase in price. 

As technology makes great leaps and bounds, the costs are sure to increase as well. 

The High Cost of Vehicle Repair

If you have visited the mechanic recently, you likely have had to ask some questions about your car. 

After you have been handed the invoice, you see the figure and start to wonder why is it so expensive to have your car repaired.

On top of the rates of depreciation, gas costs, and so on, you begin to wonder if your investment will ever start to pay off. Many people start to feel that having a car is a financial liability. 

As we have seen before, there are many reasons for the high cost of repairs. If you can learn more about your car repairs, you can at least justify some of these expenses. 

If you find yourself unable to cover the cost of your repairs, discuss it with your mechanic and see if you can work something out. Contact us today to see how we can help. 

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