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Which Type of Motor Oil Do I Need for My San Diego Oil Change?

There are so many different kinds of motor oils available these days, and it can be hard to decide which is best for your vehicle. 

There are many different manufacturers, and each provides different types of motor oils, including conventional, synthetic, semi-synthetic, and motor oil designed for high-mileage engines. Making a decision can be hard on your own, so you should visit a local auto repair shop in San Diego to see which motor oil is right for your car. 


Conventional motor oil is the only petroleum-based motor oil available, and it has been refined and blended with additives that keep your engine clean and lubricated. Most standard motor oils have many additives that keep your motor from overheating, lubricated, and running smoothly. 


Which Type of Motor Oil Do I Need for My San Diego Oil Change?To most car owners, full-synthetic motor oil is the best currently available. There are many claims about the advantages of using full-synthetic over a synthetic blend or even conventional motor oil. Full synthetics are more costly than other kinds of oil and provide maximum protection in any driving conditions, but full-synthetic oils can be pricey. Many car owners are unable to afford them or do not think they are worth the extra money. 


Because of the cost of full-synthetic, many car owners choose a synthetic blend motor oil. It is a combination of conventional petroleum-based oil and synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic oils provide great performance under many conditions, regardless of driving style, temperature, stop and go traffic, and hauling heavy loads. There are many car owners who consider full synthetic the best option, semi-synthetic oil can offer you the protection, lubrication, and cleaning agents necessary in a motor oil — all without the cost of a full-synthetics. 


Lastly, high-mileage motor oil is a blend with a variety of additives that keep your engine lubricated, protect from burn-off, and keep all of the seals in the engine lubricated. This is crucial because, with increased miles, many seals within the engine may start to dry out and become cracked and brittle. Also, high-mileage motor oil is designed with detergents that help keep an older engine lubricated and protected because it has to work harder than it did when it was new. 

In the end, it is advised to choose the oil that is best suited to the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements in order to ensure the optimal protection of your vehicle and warranty. If you have any questions about which type of oil is best for your car, call one of our auto mechanics San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego for a quick consultation. 

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