Why You Need to do Preventative Auto Maintenance in San Diego

When Was Your Last Fuel Filter Replacement in San Diego?

No one likes eating or drinking something that is dirty. Well, neither does your automobile.  It requires a consistent supply of clean fuel to function properly and achieve good fuel efficiency. The purpose of the fuel filter is to remove dirt and rust from the fuel before it reaches your engine. A blocked fuel filter may effectively suffocate the engine, preventing it from starting or running. Some fuel filters feature a bypass valve that allows petrol to bypass a blocked filter, allowing your automobile to continue to run. However, tainted fuel might clog your fuel injectors, allowing harmful particles to enter your engine.

A car with a partially clogged fuel filter may operate well in town, but it will splutter and strain on the interstate when it runs out of gas. The frequency with which you must replace the filter is determined by two factors. They are your driving habits and the gas you purchase. Your fuel filter will have a tougher time keeping the fuel clean if you travel a lot on dirt or gravel roads in rural California.

The truth is that inexpensive gas from San Diego area stations can often imply dirtier fuel that clogs the filter faster. Major brands are often cleaner and include far more detergent ingredients.

When Should I Replace the Fuel Filter? 

When Was Your Last Fuel Filter Replacement in San Diego CA?Certainly, your manufacturer advises changing the gasoline filter at regular intervals. However, the situation is a little more nuanced than that. Some manufacturers have ceased publishing suggested fuel filter replacement intervals or have very lengthy periods, such as every five years or 80,000 miles. As a result, you may need to seek advice from other sources, such as a trusted auto repair shop in San Diego.  Cars that are more than six or seven years old are especially vulnerable because dirt and rust have built up in the fuel tank. The flow of gas is maintained by a clean fuel filter. Even a partly blocked filter causes the gasoline pump to work harder. This can reduce its lifespan and need an expensive repair.

Spending a little money today on something as simple as a fuel filter will save you money later, as is often the case. We can inspect your fuel filter by an auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop in San Diego. It’s preferable to replacing a damaged fuel injector later down the road. 

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