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When Should You Replace Your Tires in San Diego?

Many people wonder how often they should replace their tires. In most cases, there are two main factors determining when to replace your tires or wheels in San Diego:

  • Tire Wear. All tires will start to experience wear. How the tire wears can be a sign of a problem with your alignment or tire pressure. Tire tread should wear evenly across the whole tire, not just on the inside or outside. Tire wear will occur despite how good of a driver you are, but it can be accelerated if you do not take proper care of your tires. 
  • Tire Age. When parts of the tire, such as the rubber, start to change over time, tire aging takes place. This can happen due to environmental factors and storage conditions, as well as the level of usage the tire experiences while being driven or even due to lack of use. 

When to Change Your Tires

When Should You Replace Your Tires in San Diego?Certainly, unless you are a tire expert, it can be hard to know exactly how tire wear and age show that a tire is no longer safe to drive and should be replaced. If you are wondering how to know when your tires expire, it may be better to look at how old your tires are and when to change them. That means it is time to learn a bit more about your best tires San Diego

All tires include an indication stating when it was made, right down to the week and year. This can help you better understand how often you should change your tires, even if you are not an expert on the topic. 

Industry standards claim that you should replace passenger and truck/SUV tires that are between six to ten years old. The timing depends on how the tires have been used and any weather extremes they may have experienced. 

Why Should I Replace My Tires?

Knowing how often to change tires is not only about taking proper care of your car and preventing costly problems. Tires are also a crucial factor in roadway safety.

Worn or old tires can lead to many issues, such as:

  • Compromised road grip resulting from a worn tread
  • Blowouts that leave you stranded or even cause you to crash
  • Difficulty stopping and braking properly

Also, uneven wheel alignments and balance issues will not only result in irregular tire wear, but they can cause expensive issues for your car, leaving you with an expensive vehicle repair bill in the near future. 

Tire Repair San Diego CA

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