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Wheel Bearings Repair in San Diego

Another crucial component of your vehicle that keeps your ride smooth and safe and requires proper maintenance is your wheel bearing. Wheel bearings are what allow your wheels to spin freely. Because they bear the weight of the entire car, they have to be sturdy and ready to hold up on the road. Wheel bearings may last over 100,000 miles, but they do wear out over time and will need to be replaced regularly. 

Signs of Wheel Bearing Problems

Wheel Bearings Repair in San DiegoWheel bearings are not exactly the most exciting topic when it comes to auto maintenance in San Diego. One surefire sign that your wheel bearings need work is when you hear a groaning sound coming from your wheels. The sound may disappear at certain speeds and come back at others. A qualified auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can tell you if your bearings are bad by raising the car and wiggling the wheel. When you hold the top and bottom of the tire, it should not move along the vertical axis. Many modern cars have wheel bearing assemblies that cannot be serviced at a local shop. When these bearings reach their end, they have to be replaced entirely. For cars with wheel bearings that can be accessed easily, a qualified service technician can do some preventative maintenance. 

Wheel Bearing Repair

You have probably heard the saying “pack the bearings.” This procedure involves the removal of the bearings before a careful installation and inspection for any signs of wear or damage. If the bearings can be reused, your mechanic in San Diego will reinstall them and pack them with grease. If they cannot be reused, new bearings will be installed. 

Consult with your vehicle owner’s manual or ask a service technician if your bearings can be serviced. If so, you should ask when your service should be completed. Taking proper care of your wheel bearings is very important. When bearings go bad, they can generate significant amounts of heat — enough to lock up your wheel. That is not something you want to happen at any time on the road. In extreme cases, the wheel may even fall off. 

Either of these issues can result in a catastrophic car accident. You should have your wheel bearings inspected if you believe there is a problem and replace them immediately if an issue is found. This is part of every safety inspection we complete for our customers. You should make an appointment at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to give yourself some peace of mind and ensure your wheel bearings are in optimal condition. 

Tire Repair San Diego

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