Wheel Alignment & Suspension Services

Wheel Alignment & Suspension Services

Getting a tire and wheel alignment every 6,000 miles can significantly increase the longevity of your tires. At San Diego Auto Repair Shop, we provide an array of alignment services performed by certified alignment technicians. 

With every wheel alignment package, we will inspect your steering and suspension system: 

  • Test your tire condition and air pressure.
  • Balance your camber, caster, and toe angles — if possible — in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Additional parts and labor may be required on certain vehicles, so check your customer service advisor for details.
  • Test your vehicle to make sure your alignment is acceptable.
  • Prepare a printout with your vehicle’s “before” and “after” alignment readings.

Schedule an appointment today with San Diego Auto Repair Shop for professional alignment, service, and repair. Your tires, wheels, shocks, and struts will appreciate it. 

Steering & Suspension Services at San Diego Auto Repair Shop

If your vehicle’s steering and suspension aren’t performing up to par, you’re in for a bumpy ride. When you first notice noise when driving over bumps, issues turning, uneven tire wear, or wandering wheels, you should stop by San Diego Auto Repair Shop. We repair and replace key parts, including: 

  • ball joints
  • bushings
  • sway bar links
  • center links
  • idler arms/pitman arms
  • rack and pinion units
  • tie rod ends/sleeves
  • CV joints/boots
  • CV axle half shafts
  • shock absorbers
  • struts/cartridges
  • coil springs
  • universal joints and springs

What Is Vehicle Alignment?

Despite what the name may imply, wheel alignment has little to do with your wheels and much more to do with your suspension system. Your wheels are mounted to your suspension system to allow them to move up and down, absorbing impacts and bumps on the road and giving you a smoother ride. These components can bend or shift for many different reasons. When this shifting occurs, one or more wheels will no longer be traveling in a straight line while the others are. That can have a serious impact on many different aspects of your vehicle. 

What Causes Poor Alignment?

There are many things that can potentially knock the wheels of your car out of alignment. Firstly, the most common reason is a sudden jarring or heavy impact that can cause the components to bend or shift out of place. Events like hitting potholes, bumping curbs, or even minor collisions are all typical causes of one or more of your wheels coming out of alignment. 

Secondly, normal wear and tear can eventually cause your vehicle to come out of alignment. Components of the vehicle including shocks, suspension springs, and other parts can start to show wear, causing them to wear out and develop gaps or larger tolerances. These can all lead to slack in steering, loosened control, and a shift in wheel alignment, but regular maintenance can help prevent these from happening and causing poor alignment. 

Lastly, changing your ride height without modifying your suspension to suit can fairly easily throw off your alignment. Suspension systems are designed to operate at a certain ride height, and adjusting this height can take the suspension out of its adequate operating range. This can result in an increased chance of ruining your alignment. 

What Are the Consequences of a Bad Alignment?

When your wheels go out of alignment, your vehicle’s performance can suffer in a few ways. Firstly, handling capability is reduced dramatically. When your wheels aren’t lined up perfectly straight, your vehicle’s ability to turn in all directions is inhibited dramatically. Your vehicle will likely strain to drive in a straight line, pulling consistently to a given direction. 

This can ultimately result in reducing the lifespan of your tires. When your wheels are out of alignment, your tires wear unevenly, which means you’ll have to replace them more often. This can become incredibly expensive to the cost of vehicle ownership. It’s not unusual for poor alignment to also result in flat spots or even tire blowouts due to increased friction on the wheels that aren’t properly aligned. 

Is My Alignment OK?

Wheel Alignment & Suspension ServicesHow can you tell if you are struggling with a bad alignment? There are some symptoms of poor alignment that are pretty easy to spot. First, when you rotate your tires — which should be done every other oil change — be on the lookout for wear patterns in the tire tread. If one wheel consistently exhibits signs of increased wear, then it’s likely out of alignment. 

Another telling sign that you have an alignment issue is by paying attention to how your car drives. When your vehicle unexpectedly shifts to one side when driving, even if the wheel is straight, it’s possible that you have a wheel or two out of alignment. The simplest way to tell if your alignment is off is to check your steering wheel while driving in a straight line. If the wheel is off while driving straight, you probably have an issue with your alignment. 

Also, pay attention to your vehicle’s response when turning. If you notice that you have to force the steering wheel in order to get the car to turn or to return after turning, you should have your alignment checked out as soon as you can. 

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