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What You Should Know About Your Brake Fluid

When most people think about brake maintenance, they think about the mechanical components of the brakes, including the discs and brake pads. These are extremely important, but a more overlooked part of brake upkeep is the brake fluid. Brake fluid changes are necessary, and changing the brake fluid can prevent failures and accidents down the road. 

Here are some key tips regarding brake fluid changes.

Why Brake Fluid Changes Are Needed

What You Should Know About Your Brake FluidBrake fluid works with your vehicle’s hydraulic braking system to transfer force into usable pressure, amplifying the vehicle’s braking power. If brake fluids are low, deficient, or there is something wrong with the fluid, it could mean that your vehicle’s ability to stop will be greatly impaired. That means that brake fluid changes can potentially prevent a loss of braking power. 

The brake fluid operates in a closed vacuum system, and the system can still absorb moisture over time, resulting in corrosion in the brake system. As you may think, this is not good for the car and can result in brake issues in the long term. 

Checking Brake Fluid

It may be in your best interests to check the brake fluid level routinely. The brake fluid will often be stored in the brake cylinder reservoir. This is a translucent plastic container that allows you to see the fluid level without having to take off the cap. You should avoid opening the cap at all because it lets moisture into the system, and as we mentioned previously, this can lead to corrosion and other issues. 

When to Change Your Brake Fluid

There is no established time period for changing brake fluid. Fluid changes will vary on many factors, such as the type of vehicle, the type of brake fluid, driving conditions, and driving frequency. Brake fluid should usually last a long time, much longer than other kinds of fluids. This information is provided in your owner’s manual, but it will generally last anywhere from two to ten years. 

To be certain, you may have to schedule an appointment with a certified auto mechanic in San Diego for guidance regarding your brake fluid change. You may need a fluid change if the brake fluid:

  • Smells or appears burnt. This could be a sign that there is a more serious problem that requires attention from your mechanic in San Diego
  • Is not clear or transparent. This may be a sign that moisture has reached the system.
  • Is not filled to the appropriate level. This is a sign there may be a leak in the system. 

Brake Service San Diego

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