How to Deal with Leaks in Your Motor Vehicle

What to Look For in Your Auto Mechanic

Finding a good auto mechanic can be difficult. We understand that entrusting your vehicle to a stranger is a difficult task, and having a good working relationship with your auto mechanic requires a certain level of comfort and trust.

However, there are a few characteristics that serve as a good indicator of a trustworthy, professional, and all-around good auto mechanic. Here are five things to look for in your next auto mechanic. 

Good Communication

A lack of communication can wreak havoc on a relationship, both personal and professional. Because working with automobiles is such a technical job, an auto mechanic who fails to properly explain the issues that are affecting your vehicle, as well as possible solutions, will have a difficult time assisting the customer in understanding what is wrong with his vehicle. Before moving forward, a great auto mechanic recognizes that there may be a technical gap and works hard to ensure that the customer understands the problem and is aware of all possible solutions.

Problem Solver

Underneath the hood, there are often issues that are not readily apparent to most car owners. This means that a great auto mechanic must be able to diagnose the problem based on the symptoms provided by the customer. A good problem solver who can use technical aptitude to quickly diagnose problems and find solutions will be able to get customers back on the road quickly and efficiently.

What to Look For in Your Auto Mechanic

Continual Learner

Finding a mechanic who enjoys staying on top of the latest trends in automotive technology is a good sign that they are always learning new techniques and staying on top of any new changes in automotive mechanics, especially given the fast pace of automotive technology.

Work Ethic

It almost goes without saying that finding a great auto mechanic requires a strong work ethic. A mechanic with a strong work ethic will go above and beyond to ensure that the customer’s car’s problems are addressed. They’ll look for any other potential issues that could lead to future problems and give the customer an honest assessment.


You should always work with an ASE-certified mechanic when you need work performed on your vehicle. It takes time and effort to get certified, and it means that your auto technician is up-to-date in the auto repair field. You need to make sure that the person you are trusting to repair your car is up to the task, and having the correct certification is a good sign. 

Auto Repair in Kearny Mesa

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