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What to Do If Your Catalytic Convertor Is Stolen

Have you recently noticed more noisy autos than normal when driving? It is possible that it is not because drivers have chosen a loud exhaust system. It is possible that their catalytic converter was taken.

Catalytic Converters are devices found in every gas vehicle’s exhaust system. They contain a substance that heats up to a very high temperature and burns any unburned fuel that exits your engine. This contributes to the decrease of emissions and other contaminants getting into the environment. 

The team of auto mechanics in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has much experience replacing this critical component in vehicles across the city. 

Thieves Are Stealing These Parts at Alarming Rates

Due to the high scrap value of catalytic converters, thieves are sneaking beneath automobiles and cutting them out. The rare earth materials contained within them are worth a lot of money on the scrap market. Stealing them just takes a few minutes.

Here at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we have replaced eight of these in the previous week alone, and many more in the past few months. They are being stolen at an alarming rate, and protecting these exhaust devices against theft is proving to be tough.

If your catalytic converter has been stolen, there are a few things to consider:

  • If you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, this is a covered loss. Of course, this is subject to your deductible. 
  • Catalytic converters are available from your vehicle’s manufacturer as well as a variety of aftermarket sources.
  • The parts you require may be determined by how and what was removed from your car. We frequently discover that thieves do not detach wires, sensors, or mounting flanges attached to catalytic converters. As a result, these times will need to be purchased as well. This increases the cost of repair.

Have Your Vehicle Repaired by a Trusted Mechanic

For repairs, we recommend visiting your local auto repair shop in San Diego. They should be able to provide you with a variety of repair choices that your insurance company and dealership would not. If you are fortunate enough to have this coverage, local independent repair shops can work with your insurance provider.

If you believe you may have had your catalytic convertor stolen — or you just think it is time to get a new one — come down to Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today. We can make sure you get back on the road safely without breaking the bank. 

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