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What to Do About a Shaking Steering Wheel in San Diego CA

Why does your steering wheel shake? This is something that a lot of car owners are unsure of, let alone how to deal with it when it happens. Shaking of the steering wheel is a typical source of anxiety for drivers. Low tire pressure, tire tread wear, and out-of-balance tires are just a few of the factors that might cause steering wheel vibrations. These issues may be of little or substantial concern, depending on their severity. 

If you are needing some work done on your vehicle, call a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego to inspect your car and inform you about any necessary repairs or maintenance. 

Tire Pressure

The first thing you should check is the pressure in your tires. Examine the interior of the driver’s side door. There is a sticker that will inform you how much pressure you should have in your tires. Vibrations can be caused by incorrect tire pressure. It can also have a negative impact on fuel efficiency and tire life span, among other things that are important to the functionality of your car. 

Tire Tread Wear

What to Do About a Shaking Steering Wheel in San Diego CA

Tread depth decreases as a result of tire wear. The wear of the tire’s inner structure might cause it to break down and split, which can be quite dangerous. A split tire might cause a blowout, which will leave you stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow company to arrive. Tire blowouts have the potential to cause an accident under severe circumstances.

Tire Balancing

Vibrations in the steering wheel are not only caused by worn tires but there are other potential sources of the problem. It is possible that the issue is as simple as the tire balance. During typical driving, a tire’s equilibrium might get out of balance. It is normal for tires to “shift” on the wheel and go out of balance during the “break-in” phase, despite the fact that they are balanced when they are first installed on the vehicle. Tires should be balanced every 20,000 miles, according to our recommendations. Not only will this increase the life of the tires, but it will also enhance the overall ride quality. Tires play a vital role in your driving safety and enjoyment.

If you have any other questions regarding auto repair in San Diego, bring your vehicle to our shop to have a qualified auto technician check out your car. 

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