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What Should I Do With My Car After a San Diego Accident?

Assess the Damage

What Should I Do With My Car After a San Diego Accident?The insurance company will give a damage assessment and cover the costs. After that, you will take your car to an auto repair shop San Diego CA for an inspection, and usually, the actual damage will be much greater than the insurance company’s assessment. In most cases, performing the repairs is more expensive than buying a decent used car. There is no real need to repair the vehicle if it is greater than half the cost of the vehicle. 

Vehicle owners do not want to take on a huge financial loss, so they will often have low-quality repairs performed to hide the accident and sell the car, so it is necessary to inspect the vehicle.

Car repair in San Diego is a key part of repairing a vehicle after an accident:

  1. Low damage to the body could include repair of plastic parts of the body and bumper, painting of individual parts of the body.
  2. Severe damage to the vehicle body could include repair of bent parts of the body, side pillars, and roof.

The damage to the body can mean difficulties driving on the vehicle at high speeds, and the car could potentially lean to the side when driving. 

Airbag Replacement

Replacing the driver and passenger seat airbags can be expensive and complicated to perform. The security system must be configured, and the skin of the interior must also be changed. The dashboard could display an error if there are no airbags or they were installed incorrectly. In some cases during the repair process, the vehicle owners will neglect these factors and only change the interior trim. 

Hidden Breakdowns

While performing a repair, there are many new issues that need to be solved as they become apparent. Nearly 25% of the value of repairs has to be set aside in order to accommodate unseen expenses. 

Spare Parts

Spare parts are a point where you can save some money repairing your vehicle, but you have to do so wisely. Spare parts from disassembled vehicles are often not inferior to new parts but are much cheaper. 

Do not fail to acknowledge the condition of spare parts when repairing your car. To save some money, owners may change out lights, windshields, and hood covers with cheap elements that are poor quality. This is not advised and used parts should be used at your discretion. 

Auto Repair San Diego

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