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What Should I Do About My Clutch Sticking?

When you press the clutch, does it stick? Is it normal to depress, but then does it stick to the floor or rise up more slowly than usual?

It is critical to have your clutch pedal checked if it is not working properly. Even if your pedal only sticks occasionally or slows down, it could indicate a serious problem that requires your immediate attention.

The fact that your clutch is sticking or moving slowly is a major red flag. You risk clutch failure if you ignore it, or worse, you can risk turning a minor issue into a major one.

What is the Purpose of the Clutch?

A clutch disengages the motor for the short time it takes to get the speeds (rpm) to match exactly when shifting gears. Its main mechanism is a high-friction pressure plate that transmits power to the engine by being pressed tightly against the flywheel. When the clutch is engaged, the pressure plate of the clutch pulls slightly away from the transmission, allowing the engine to run independently of the transmission and tire speeds.

Why is My Clutch Sticking?

A cable connects your clutch pedal to its operating system. When a cable is stretched, it loses some of the tension it requires to function. If the cable breaks, the clutch loses its connection, and the clutch may remain down and not rise at all.

What Should I Do For My Clutch Sticking?

Most modern vehicles employ a hydraulic system similar to that found in brakes and power steering. This system may require fluid.

You could also have a problem with your linkage or cylinder system.

Because clutches have so many moving parts, they require regular service and maintenance to avoid major problems and extend the life of your vehicle. Take your clutch to a professional as soon as possible if it is sticking.

Repairing a Sticking Clutch

Sticking in some vehicles may require a clutch cable repair or adjustment. If you have hydraulic problems, you may need to replace seals and gaskets, as well as the master and slave cylinders. Resurfacing or replacing the flywheel are two other common repairs.

It’s often best to replace all components at the same time for the best reliability and longevity. The pressure plate, disk, and bearings (release, pilot, and/or throw-out bearings) are typically replaced during a “clutch job.” Even though replacing the entire assembly is essentially a full-day job, it may be more cost-effective in some cases.

Clutch Maintenance

There is no need to wait until something goes wrong!

A clutch adjustment and inspection usually take about an hour. Checking and topping off the hydraulic fluid level is part of this process. You can check your make and model’s service schedule to see when this should be done.

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