What Is the Purpose of Coolant/Antifreeze?

What Is the Purpose of Coolant/Antifreeze?

Have you ever been driving your car on a hot summer day and it overheated, forcing you to pull over and wait for it to cool down? Have you ever had to wait for your car to warm up before heading to work in the morning? For many here in San Diego, you have probably more experience with the first situation. An overheating engine is never a welcomed experience, but it can be avoided with proper maintenance.

We have all been in a situation where a car overheats, and while it can be inconvenient, it does not have to be a problem when the engine is at the proper temperature. The reason for this is that almost every car today uses coolant or antifreeze to keep the engine at a safe temperature.

What Is Antifreeze/Coolant? 

Antifreeze is a highly toxic chemical coolant with critical thermal properties for the proper operation of a car’s engine, including a high boiling point, low cooling properties, and stability over a wide temperature range. It helps to regulate your car’s engine temperatures because it’s mixed with water.

What Is the Purpose of Coolant/Antifreeze?

Antifreeze coolant can prevent your engine from freezing. at the same time, overheating the coolant prevents corrosion, and this can be harmful to your car’s overall engine performance. The ideal ratio of coolant to water is 50%, though a 40 to 60% ratio can also be used. Keep in mind that a 50 to 50% ratio is recommended.

How Does Antifreeze/Coolant Work?

In cold weather, antifreeze keeps the water in your radiator and engine from freezing over. Antifreeze also acts as a lubricant for moving parts in the engine, such as the water pump, to keep it from overheating in hot weather conditions.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should never add coolant to a hot engine! Adding any cold liquid to a hot or overheated engine can cause the block to crack because the hot metal contracts too quickly when it comes into contact with cold liquids.

As a result, it is best to either wait for the engine to cool down or hire a professional to handle the situation.

Contact an auto repair shop a call today if you need a coolant flush. If your vehicle requires any type of service, you should go to an ASE-certified auto mechanic to assist you with the job. You need to go to a trusted auto repair shop in order to make sure that the job is done right the first time. Never put off necessary auto repair if you can help it. 

Auto Maintenance in Kearny Mesa

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