Common Problems with a Failing Transmission

What Is the Price of a Transmission Repair?

Transmission systems are intricate, with an enormous number of moving parts. The list continues on and on, from planetary gear sets to clutch packs to output shafts. Remember that these main components are made up of a variety of additional components.

The sheer amount of parts that go into a car’s gearbox is what drives up the cost. It’s also why the transmission is one of the most expensive salvage or resale automobile parts.

That should give you a good estimate of the cost of their repairs or replacements. As if that weren’t enough, there are a slew of other factors that may push expenses even higher. To begin, there’s the car’s year, make, and model, but that’s only the beginning.

The Costs of Transmission-Related Repairs

What Is the Price of a Transmission Repair?Let’s take a look at the cost of routine maintenance before we get into transmission replacement costs. They may appear to be inexpensive at first glance, but your actual expenses are determined by many different variables. 

  • Transmission Fluid Flush. A gearbox fluid cleanse is quite inexpensive, but the owner of a Lamborghini Diablo could spend as much as $766 for one.  A regular fluid flush should only cost you $75 to $150 if you have a non-luxury vehicle. If the auto mechanic in Oceanside needs to utilize a pressured equipment, this might cost up to $300.
  • Transmission Leaks. The cost of repairing a leaking transmission is generally between $150 and $200. However, leaks affecting the front seal would result in a significant increase in expenses.
  • Shift Solenoid Replacement. A single shift solenoid can range in price from $15 to $100. When you include in labor charges, you’re looking at a bill of $150 to $400. The more solenoids you have to replace, the more money you’ll spend.

Expected Costs with a Transmission Repair

A new transmission should cost between $1,000 and $6,000. Keep in mind that replacing the transmission on a larger vehicle is more expensive. For example, replacing one on a car costs approximately $2,300, while replacing one on a truck costs around $2,800.

The cost of your trip is also affected by whether it is a luxury or a “regular” car. A manual transmission replacement for a non-luxury automobile might cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. A remanufactured automatic transmission will set you back $500 to $1,000 extra.

Luxury automobiles already have the highest replacement costs, which may reach $10,000.

If you need to have your transmission check, take your car to a qualified auto repair shop in Oceanside

Transmission Repair in Oceanside

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