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What Is the Difference Between Conventional & Synthetic Motor Oil?

Motor oil is essentially the lifeblood of your vehicle, and your car would not run at all without it. Any driver understands it is crucial that they regularly change their car’s oil to properly lubricate all of the vehicle’s valves and components. If a vehicle’s oil is not changed regularly, you will certainly suffer mechanical issues to the engine, which will require the help of an auto mechanic in San Diego

Conventional Oil and Synthetic Motor Oil 

Conventional motor oil is made from crude oil from underneath the ground that is processed at refineries to maintain its base oil, with additional products mixed in. However, synthetic motor oil has base oils that are artificially synthesized. These additives are more technologically advanced, less volatile, and contain smaller levels of wax, creating a synthetic oil with a purer base oil form. 

There are some advantages to using synthetic motor oil for your vehicle. From the time you turn on the engine, you will get superior protection. This more stable form of engine oil maintains the right levels through a wider temperature range compared to conventional oils. This level of viscosity lets the oil stick to parts of the engine and do a better job preventing wear and tear. 

Also, synthetic motor oil flows much better than conventional motor oil, and this is because of the extra fiction inhibiting chemicals present in the synthetic oil.  The vehicle is better protected from dry starts with synthetic motor oil. These oils do not require changing quite as often as conventional motor oils because there are more durable properties to synthetic oils. Your vehicle will even get better gas mileage and start-up more quickly. 

Oil Change Intervals

What Is the Difference Between Conventional & Synthetic Motor Oil?When your conventional oil starts to break down, it will usually result in scaling or sludge deposits within the engine and its components. This usually takes place when vehicles are driven under difficult conditions or for an extended period of time. As conventional motor oils continue to break down, it will stick to many engine parts and become caked on. Synthetic oil will usually break down over time, as well, but it can last up to three times longer than conventional oils, saving you more money in the long run. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should follow the recommended service intervals for your car. Synthetic oil costs much more than conventional oil but will last much longer, improve engine performance, increase engine life, and is even more environmentally friendly. It may also mean you will have to visit your local auto repair shop in San Diego less often due to increased performance. 

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