Reasons That Your Car Won’t Start in the San Diego Heat

What Is the Average Car Battery Life in San Diego?

No one wants to end up stranded with a dead car battery in the middle of nowhere. When it does happen, the first thing you usually think is that you wish you would have changed your battery. 

In most cases, the typical battery life expectancy is around three years, but there are higher quality batteries that may last up to five. In everyday life, you may be fortunate enough to end up with a battery that lasts way longer. 

When you do not drive your car for extended periods, like an elderly couple that only drives few weeks at a time, high temperatures that speed up corrosion, or a discharged battery due to leaving your lights on can all contribute to the premature aging of your vehicle’s battery. 

Temperature extremes are harmful to the longevity of your battery. Most batteries are more likely to die or go out during very cold periods because it takes more effort to start the motor. This results in more current being drawn from the vehicle battery and depleting it faster. However, very hot weather can also cause increased battery corrosion and degradation over time. 

What Is the Average Car Battery Life in San Diego?

Your driving habits can impact the life of your battery as well. If you usually make short trips, your car battery will not have the chance to fully recharge, leading to an acid imbalance that can corrode the battery and decrease the overall lifespan. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Car Battery

Our expert team of mechanics in San Diego has compiled some ways you can potentially increase the life of your car battery in San Diego:

  • do not add new electrolyte (acid).
  • do not use unregulated high output battery chargers to charge batteries.
  • do not place your equipment into storage without some type of device to maintain the charge of your battery.
  • do not disconnect battery cables while the engine is running because your battery acts as a filter.
  • do not put off recharging batteries and be sure to check your vehicle owner’s manual for the battery maintenance schedule.
  • do not add tap water because it could contain minerals that will contaminate the electrolyte, so use only distilled water.
  • do not discharge a battery any longer than necessary.
  • do not let a battery get too hot when charging.
  • do not mix battery types and sizes.
  • In order to extend car battery life, you should wrap a heat barrier around your battery to protect it from temperature extremes.

If you are experiencing any issues with your battery, you should take it into an Automobile Repair Shop San Diego auto mechanic San Diego to have it checked out. 

Car Battery Replacement in San Diego

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