How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Battery

What Should I Do When My Battery Light Comes On?

Nothing is more annoying than getting into your car and seeing the dreaded warning light come on your dashboard. You may not even know what it means, let alone and how long you have before you have to deal with the problem. 

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It Could Be Nothing, But It May Be a Serious Problem

When the battery light comes on, it usually means there’s a problem with the battery charging system. However, if the battery light flashes briefly when you turn on your car, that is normal. There is nothing to be worried about. 

If the battery light persists without shutting off, there is most likely a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. You’ll probably be able to keep driving your car, but only for a short period of time.

Bring Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop

What Do I Do When My Battery Light Comes On?If you believe your battery has a serious problem, you should take your car to an auto mechanic in San Diego and have it fixed by a professional.

You should know that driving with the light on can harm your battery in the long run. Rapid discharging can cause your battery to go bad and no longer be able to recharge. Many customers replace the alternator in their car but fail to properly charge the battery before installation. They later discover that the battery has also failed. Keep in mind that driving on the battery light has a time limit. Fix the alternator or wiring while you’re at it, and make sure the battery is fully charged.

Turning off your stereo, air conditioner, and other electrical components in your vehicle will help to keep your battery charged. You’ll have a better chance of making it home without losing power if you do this.

If you turn off the vehicle, there’s a chance it won’t start because the battery isn’t charged enough to start the engine.

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Car Battery Repair in San Diego

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