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We Provide Ethical Auto Repair in San Diego

The auto repair industry has a less than stellar reputation. 

Like any other profession, the field of auto maintenance in San Diego has bad actors that damage the reputation of others in the industry. There are professional licensing organizations that are committed to maintaining high ethical standards. 

Because of these bad actors, many potential customers are uneasy when seeking auto repair for their vehicles. Vehicles are a big investment for most, and we depend on them to get to work and go about our lives. It is natural to be apprehensive about getting any work done. 

Communication Is Key

We Provide Ethical Auto Repair in San DiegoIf a vehicle owner in San Diego CA understands why the recommended repair or maintenance is needed, it can help ease their mind. Our auto mechanics in San Diego understand that communication is important. 

It is crucial that you ask questions when having any auto services performed. 

It is natural for anyone to question if a recommendation is really needed. In the auto repair industry, there is a set standard. A technician is required to meet certain criteria when he or she says that a repair or replacement is needed: 

  • The component no longer performs its intended purpose
  • The component does not meet a certain design specification
  • The component is missing

Let’s look at an example. You hear a grinding noise when you hit the brakes, so you think you need a new set of brake pads. At your inspection, your mechanic informs you that you have a cracked rotor that needs to be replaced. 

If you insist that the technician put on new pads, he should refuse the repair if the rotor is the real issue. 

A new set of pads on a cracked rotor would not fix the issue, and the brakes could fail at any time. These types of repairs are necessary and can’t be remedied by a band-aid. 

Ethical Auto Maintenance San Diego

In a less serious scenario, a mechanic may suggest repair or replacement in the following situations: 

  • The component is reaching its end – near discard specifications or likely to fail 
  • Addressing a customer’s need or requests – such as for a better ride or increased performance
  • Compliance with auto maintenance recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
  • The technician’s informed experience requires it

Certainly, it is the job of your mechanic to make ethical recommendations and educate their customers. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with their recommendation, always ask questions. 

Auto Repair San Diego

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