Reasons That Your Car Won’t Start in the San Diego Heat

Ways to Improve San Diego CA Car Battery Life

National statistics show that only 30% of car batteries reach at least 48 months of use. However, the life of a battery largely depends on where you live. In hot climates, the lifespan reaches 30 months, compared to nearly 51 months in extremely cold locations. 

Contributors to Poor Car Battery Life

One primary factor that contributes to poor battery life in modern vehicles is the use of many electronic accessories, including GPS, DVDs, and entertainment computers. These devices keep your battery from reaching a full charge, and the longer your battery runs on a low charge, the sooner it will stop working. 

To counteract the demands of the battery, it has to be charged, and this is where the alternator comes into the picture. Another contributing factor to the increased demand for electricity in your car is the constant stop-and-go conditions we tend to encounter in San Diego CA, and the alternator was not designed to keep up in these situations. This contributes to a shortened life for your car battery. 

How to Improve Car Battery Health

Ways to Improve San Diego CA Car Battery LifeThe battery has to remain as close as possible to a full charge, and this can be easier said than done. 

When driving on a San Diego highway, you can better maintain a full charge. Car batteries are not meant to be run on a low charge, so using your headlights and other electrical accessories when the car is off can quickly drain your charge. When you use the alternator to charge your battery from a depleted state, it can be a real strain on your battery. Actually, your battery can only last for about ten charges in this way. 

If your battery is dead or at a low charge, it is recommended that you use a high-quality battery charger to recharge your battery. 

Our batteries are often not at full charge, so it is advised that we use a battery charger every now and then to maintain a strong charge. In hot weather, it should be done about once a month, and about every three months in colder weather. 

Batteries contain sulfuric acid, so it is important to be safe. Sulfuric acid can seriously burn your skin and can potentially blind you. You should carefully inspect a dead battery prior to a jumpstart. If the case is building or cracked, you should not perform a jumpstart because damaged batteries can explode. 

If you need a new battery, stop by an auto repair shop in San Diego today. An auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can help you out and get you back on the road. 

Car Battery Replacement San Diego

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