What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

Warning Signs That Your Transmission Is Going Out

The transmission is a crucial component of your vehicle that is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Your vehicle would not be able to move without a working transmission.  When you put your car in drive, your transmission shifts smoothly to turn the wheels. It is no real secret that because the transmission is important to the operation of your car it needs to be well-cared for in order to be properly maintained and run smoothly.

If your transmission is failing, you will notice symptoms that you cannot ignore. Understanding the warning signs of transmission issues can help you address any problems quickly, saving you time and money on costly transmission repairs. The sooner you take care of the issue, the better off you will be. 

Common Signs of a Failing Transmission

Here are some of the signs that your transmission is failing:

  • Buzzing or humming noises under the hood
  • Slipping transmission gears
  • Burning odor when your car is running. 
  • Check engine light
  • Rough shifting
  • The car does not move when revving the engine
  • Strange noises when in neutral

Warning Signs That Your Transmission Is Going Out

It is in your best interest to bring your car into our shop as soon as you notice a problem with your transmission or any of the warning signs listed above. The longer you wait, the more at risk you are on the road and the more damage your transmission will sustain. Major transmission repairs can be expensive, so the sooner you get the problem fixed, the less money you’ll have to spend on repairs.

Be Proactive with Transmission Repairs

Regular maintenance checks are essential in order to avoid transmission problems. Transmissions require fluid to function properly, and you will almost certainly require a transmission fluid flush at some point during the life of your vehicle. A qualified auto repair shop can help you get your transmission back in working order. 

If you think you might need transmission repair, please do not hesitate to bring your car to an experienced auto mechanic right away. If at all possible, avoid putting off necessary auto maintenance or repairs. You must ensure that you and your passengers remain safe while on the road, which begins and ends with proper vehicle maintenance. Your car is an investment, and you want to make sure it retains its value, which means keeping it in top shape with regular auto maintenance at a reputable auto repair shop. 

Transmission Repair in San Diego

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