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Types of Power Steering Issues in Your San Diego Car

There can be many potential reasons for power steering issues, so our San Diego mechanics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has put together a list of common problems to help you diagnose your power steering issues and get your vehicle back in optimal condition. 

Fluid Loss

Fluid leaks are a common issue in power steering systems. Combining a high-pressure system with soft hoses carrying fluid can make it vulnerable to leaks. A low fluid level can result in a whing power steering pump and a loss of fluid pressure and a loss of steering assistance. If you locate a leak in the high or low-pressure hose, the best way to stop the leak is by replacing the hose. If you locate a leak in the steering gear, rack, or power steering pump, you can use products to potentially seal the leak. However, if you are having issues properly diagnosing or fixing your power steering issues, you should contact an auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to find out what is wrong and how to fix it. 

Worn Pump

Like other mechanical systems, power steering pumps will wear out over time. A worn power steering pump may whine, or it may not make much noise at all. In either case, it will have a low fluid pressure that will not give you the assistance you need when turning your steering wheel. It can be difficult to properly diagnose low-pressure pumps because there are often no high-pressure ports in the system. In such cases, you should just replace your pump altogether. 

Air in the System

Types of Power Steering Issues in Your San Diego CarAir in your power steering system will reduce the pressure and capability of the system to provide steering assistance. If the system has the right amount of fluid in it, air can get in through leaks in the low-pressure line or the line from the reservoir to the pump in remote reservoir systems. By replacing these lines and checking for loose fittings or bad o-rings, you can seal the system, remove the air, and improve overall performance. 

Clog in the System

Clogs are likely the most difficult power steering issue to properly diagnose. Similar to checking for low-pressure pump output, the lack of pressure ports in your power steering means that it is difficult to locate clogs that are in your system. Clogs are often caused by worn components or dirty power steering fluid and can be removed by a flush. 

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