Tricks for Spotting Vehicle Suspension Problems

Tricks for Spotting Vehicle Suspension Problems

Most people don’t worry about their car’s suspension until something goes wrong. At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we understand. It’s normal to be preoccupied with the engine. Still, much like the rest of your car, your suspension needs routine auto maintenance in Escondido, and we are San Diego’s suspension specialists. We’ve put up a list of suspension issue symptoms so you may bring your car to us if you notice any of them.

Uneven Ride

The shocks and struts in your car are designed to absorb road bumps so you don’t feel them in the passenger compartment. If you’ve recently realized that your ride has become excessively rough, it’s time to repair your shocks and struts.

Low Spots

Your car should sit equally on all four wheels unless you have a flat tire. If one of your car’s four corners is lower than the other three, you probably have a damaged suspension spring that has to be replaced. When you go over bumps, you may also hear clunking.

Leaning or Pulling

Tricks for Spotting Vehicle Suspension Problems

The suspension is also designed to keep the body of your automobile steady even when there is a lot of motion. A healthy suspension, for example, will prevent your car from plunging forward when stopping, leaning backward when starting, and tilting to the side while turning bends.

Oily Shocks

If your shocks get greasy, it’s an indication that they need to be changed. You can inspect your shocks and struts on your own. All you have to do is crawl down on your hands and knees and inspect under your wheels with a flashlight. It’s time to replace the shocks if they’re leaking oil.

Pulling to the Side

Your car tugging to one side or the other even if the steering wheel is pointed straight ahead is one of the most typical indications of suspension problems. This indicates that your wheels are out of alignment and need to be corrected.

Difficulty Steering

Lastly, your steering system is a component of your car’s suspension, so if you’re having trouble managing your vehicle, it’s an indication that something is wrong with it. The resistance on your steering wheel should be consistent throughout, and your car should respond to your steering directions.

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