Common Causes of a Faulty Car A/C in San Diego CA

Top Reasons to Service Your Car’s Radiator

Your vehicle’s coolant system is quite important. It’s also the second-leading cause of vehicle breakdowns. Despite the fact that coolant system failure is very prevalent, radiator service can easily prevent it.

The radiator is the most visible component of the cooling system. It is filled with coolant and attached to the engine by hoses. The coolant removes heat from the engine before entering the radiator. The air travels through cooling fins, lowering the temperature of the coolant, before returning to the engine.

Coolant System Problems

The cooling system might fail in a variety of ways. The most typical problem is with the coolant. A combination of water and antifreeze is used as a coolant. The correct proportion prevents the coolant from boiling or freezing. Both of these can cause serious engine damage.

Another crucial coolant concern that is sometimes neglected is the coolant’s age. Antifreeze contains chemicals that prevent corrosion in the cooling system. Because these additives decrease with time, they are no longer adequate to safeguard the radiator and other components from rust, scale, and corrosion. Your engine may stay cool with old coolant, but it will not protect it from rust or corrosion. 

Top Reasons to Service Your Car’s Radiator

Checking Your Vehicle’s Radiator

Your cooling system should be examined if you get a warning message to check the coolant or if the temperature gauge reads hot. It is fine if you add your own water or antifreeze. However, you must exercise caution. Keep four things in mind:

  • The radiator pressure cap should never be opened. It’s possible that you’ll be seriously burnt.
  • If your coolant is low, come to an auto repair shop in San Diego like Automobile Repair Shop San Diego as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so, follow the instructions in your owner’s handbook, which will tell you to only add coolant to the overflow bottle.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll need the right proportions of water and antifreeze. If you make an emergency cooling system addition, make sure to follow up with your auto mechanic in San Diego so they can make any necessary adjustments.
  • Vehicles often use specific types of antifreeze. Check your owner’s manual to be sure you’re using the correct type. Your cooling system’s warranty may be invalidated if you mix antifreeze types or use the improper sort of antifreeze. Another reason to trust your San Diego service center to get the job done correctly.

Remember that Automobile Repair Shop has the tools and expertise to change your coolant quickly and affordably.

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