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Tips for Rotating Your San Diego Tire Wheel

How To Properly Rotate Your Tires

Many vehicle owners are unsure of when and how to rotate their tires. The team of mechanics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego is experienced in providing quality car service in San Diego. This is a basic guide on proper tire rotation. 

How to Rotate Directional/Asymmetrical Tires

Directional or asymmetrical tires have a v-shaped tread pattern designed to discharge water as well as an asymmetrical outer tread, similar to dry weather tires. These types of tires are intended to rotate in a single direction: from front to rear. 

How to Rotate Non-Directional Tires

Unlike directional tires, non-directional tires are not intended to be used on just one side of your car. These tires are meant to rotate in either direction: front to back or side to side. These types of tires utilize the forward cross pattern. 

The Rearward-Cross Pattern

In this pattern, tires are rotated from rear to front, then from left front to right rear and right front to left rear. Usually, this pattern is utilized by cars with rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive vehicles. This type of pattern requires non-directional tires. 

The Forward-Cross Pattern

In this pattern, the front tires are rotated to the rear, then left rear to right front, and right rear to left front. Usually, this pattern is utilized by cars with front-wheel drive. 

The Front-to-Rear Pattern

This is the most common rotation pattern used for modern vehicles. It is often used for directional tires, which are rotated front to rear on both sides of the car. 

The Side-to-Side Pattern

Tips for Rotating Your San Diego Tire WheelUsually, this pattern is used when the front and rear tires are different sizes and are non-direction. In this pattern, the front and rear tires are rotated to the opposite side. 

If you have the proper tools, you can rotate your own tires, but this is a job that you should have done professionally at an auto repair shop in San Diego CA. This is much safer, and most auto repair shops provide the service for free or at a discount when having routine maintenance performed, such as oil changes. After you have your routine tire rotation performed, you can get back on the road knowing that your vehicle’s tires are in the right position. Contact you Automobile Repair Shop San Diego vehicle repair specialists today to schedule your next routine maintenance. 

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