Tips for Checking for Bad Brakes

Tips for Checking for Bad Brakes

It’s critical to recognize the warning symptoms of brake failure so that you can prevent them. Imagine being unable to stop your vehicle.  Automobile Repair Shop San Diego does not want you to have to be concerned about your brakes. We are a full-service car repair and maintenance facility that maintains and fixes all vehicle braking systems. Our auto mechanics in Claremont want you to look for the following signs if you believe your brakes are failing.

Brake Light

When you start your car and set the parking brake, your brake light should only come on for a few seconds. If it comes on at any other time, it means your brake system has a problem. The ABS dashboard light is the same way.

Burning Smells

When you can smell the brakes, it is never a good sign. The brakes are overheating if you smell burnt carpet, chemicals, or rubber when you apply them. This can put you in a perilous scenario where you won’t be able to stop your car, so pull over immediately to avoid it.

Grinding and Squealing Noises

Tips for Checking for Bad Brakes

Brake pads are typically to blame for grinding or screeching noises. The grinding noises indicate that the brake pad surfaces have entirely worn away. Squealing noises typically signal that the pad surfaces are too low and that you need to replace your brake pads.

Leaking Fluid

You’ll see spots behind your wheels if your brakes are leaking fluid into your garage floor. This is hazardous since your brakes require fluid to stop your vehicle. Fresh brake fluid is light brown to yellow, and as it matures, it turns dark brown. Brake fluid can also be red in color.

Soft Brake Pedal

A soft brake pedal is a symptom of master cylinder failure or air in the brake lines. In normal conditions, the brakes should give you the same amount of resistance every time you use them. Your brake pedal should never be spongy or mushy, and it should never sink all the way to the floor.

Strange Vibrations

Finally, other than the sense of your car slowing down and stopping, you should not be able to feel your brakes. You may have a pebble caught in a caliper or rotor surface that need to be recut if your brake pedal or steering wheel rattles or wobbles every time you apply the brakes.

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Brake System Repair in Claremont, CA

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