Three Car AC Problems to Look Out For

Three Car AC Problems to Watch Out For

It’s summertime again in California. This probably means that the thermostat will be raised in the coming months. Plus, during weekdays, you will be going about your business as normal, while the weekends will ideally be designated for summer family fun.

Even in the dead of summer, these problems might arise at any time and in any location. If you want to keep educated, here are some of the most frequent air conditioning problems to be aware of so you can avoid them by visiting your local vehicle repair shop.

Let’s start with the first issue that has to be avoided.

Non-Functioning Car Air Conditioner

This is when there is no cold air coming from your AC unit. This is likely because there is no hot air escaping. This implies that nothing is being done by the whole unit.

This is an issue that affects not just you but also your passengers. Sitting in a heated car while delayed in bumper-to-bumper traffic may have catastrophic implications. Heat-related diseases, which may lead to death, can be caused by long-term heat exposure while driving in your car.

When traveling across greater San Diego this summer, a reputable car mechanic feels that your health and safety are paramount. We do a stand-alone air conditioner inspection to guarantee that it is in good functioning order.

Buildup of Mold 

Three Car AC Problems to Look Out ForThis summer, not only is heat a concern for most people. Allergies are also a worry for many across the state. Sneezing, coughing, sniffling, and itchy, watery eyes are all possible symptoms. This might be caused by a lot of mold in your air conditioner.

To make things worse, turning up the air conditioning will worsen the situation. It’s critical to keep your air conditioner clean, whether you do it yourself or have one of our professionals at a trusted auto repair shop do it for you. In any case, safe and healthy driving is essential.

Naturally, excessive sneezing might result in an accident. We may not have heard about sneezes causing car accidents. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if that occurred someplace.

Worn or Broken Components

The sound of grinding, clanking, or some other similar but frightening noise can alert you when your components wear out or reach the end of their existence. If these components need to be changed, we can take care of them. In fact, after receiving your permission, we can often replace the components later that same day, and you may utilize one of our pre-inspected loaner automobiles while we are working. You may use the vehicle all day while yours is being serviced if you have things to do such as go to work, run errands, or drive the kids. 

Car AC Repair in San Diego

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