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This Is Why You Should Avoid Hitting Potholes on the Road

Have you ever hit a pothole so hard that your head nearly collided with the roof of your car? Well, we hope you’ve never done something so extreme, but we’ve all done something similar. Potholes appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Potholes Are Common in San Diego 

We do not have much control over where they are, how deep they get, or when they’ll be filled in. This is an unfortunate reality living in San Diego. You are doing the right thing if you slow down or move around that one pothole you always know is coming up on the road to avoid it. When it comes to potholes, the safest thing you can do is shift your car to go over them rather than into them (while not getting in anyone else’s lane or too close to the sidewalk, of course) or slow down your vehicle. However, many car owners are unsure of why they need to avoid these pesky nuisances. 

The Risk of Hitting a Pothole 

Potholes are hazardous to your vehicle in a variety of ways. These intrusive holes can inflict the following damage to your vehicle:

  • Damage the rims of your tires. Damaged rims are costly to repair and can cause additional problems in your vehicle.
  • Alter your tire alignment. Uneven tire alignment leads to uneven tire wear. This means one or more of your tires may need to be replaced sooner than expected.
  • Impair your vehicle’s suspension. The suspension of a car is in charge of its performance. This means you will have a worse ride after hitting a pothole. 
  • Cause the sidewall to bulge. A sidewall bulge, also known as a liner separation from the sidewall, can indicate that a blowout is imminent.

This Is Why You Should Avoid Hitting Potholes on the RoadAlways try to avoid potholes on the road if at all possible. Potholes are dangerous enough on their own, but speeding through them increases the risk of serious injury. Slowing down can also help prevent damage to your vehicle and keep you safe.

Always seek the advice of a qualified auto mechanic or technician from a local repair shop who has previously dealt with similar issues. That way, you can be certain that the problem is resolved correctly the first time. If you need vehicle maintenance, go to an auto repair shop. Our service advisors and technicians are knowledgeable and capable of handling all of your vehicle’s requirements. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected.

Auto Repair in San Diego

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