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The Strange Noises Your San Diego Car Makes May Be a Problem

Squeaking Under the Hood

The loud squeak or squeal from under the hood can be due to the slipping of a worn or damaged belt. In this case, it may be that a serpentine belt became loose and is starting to lose traction. In certain cases, you can even notice cracks in the side of the old belt. 

Squealing belts may need to be replaced. If you hear a similar noise from under the hood of your vehicle, pay a visit to a local auto mechanic in San Diego right away. 

Hissing Under the Hood

The Strange Noises Your San Diego Car Makes May Be a ProblemIf your vehicle starts to make a hissing noise, especially when idling, it may be caused by a vacuum leak. This means that a vacuum line could be damaged. This issue may cause your check engine light to turn on, and your car may idle faster than normal. You may even experience idle dropping or a bit rougher of a ride when driving your car. 

When you hear a loud hissing sound underneath your vehicle’s hood, it may be an indicator that you should pay a visit to a mechanic in San Diego. It may be a simple solution, like having your lines reattached or needing a new set altogether. 

Screeching Tires

There may be a squeal coming from your tires, and this may be a sign of a brake pad problem. Keep in mind that your brake pads will wear down over time, and most modern brake pads have a sensor alerting you when they are worn. Even if your vehicle lacks those sensors, if there is a screeching sound, it may be an easy reminder that it is time to have your brake pads inspected and even replaced by a qualified auto repair shop in San Diego. 

If you do not take notice of this noise and your brake pads continue to wear, it may damage your rotors, which will result in a costly repair bill. 

Grinding Brakes

If you do not fix worn brake pads, they will eventually wear away entirely, and it will result in the sound of metal grinding on metal. This could also be a sign that your brake pads and rotors need to be repaired or replaced.

Hopefully, you will never hear this noise coming from your tires. However, if you do, it is likely time to make sure that your brakes are inspected by a San Diego car repair specialist right away. 

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