The Importance of a Vehicle Alignment in San Diego CA

The Risks of Worn or Old San Diego Tires

Most car owners understand the risks of tires that are poorly inflated or flat, however, many do not know of the hidden dangers of an old or worn tire. The risk is not readily apparent, making more drivers prone to keeping tires past their expiration dates. The older a tire becomes, the greater risk it has of its tread separating — often during the worst time and leading to a serious car accident. These accidents can contribute to serious injuries or death. For many years, it was common for car owners to buy tires based primarily on tread usage.

Regardless of how new it may seem, an old tire can potentially pose a safety risk. For some driver, they may never have to worry about old tires. If you drive between 12,000 and 15,000 miles each year, the tread on the tires will wear out within three to four years with regular driving on paved roadways. You should consult with an auto mechanic in San Diego if you ever have questions about the tires on your vehicle. 

Your Tire Will Age Over Time

The Risks of Worn or Old San Diego TiresAn old tire is similar to an old rubber band. A rubber band that has been well used will show signs of cracks or wear when stretched. The rubber band idea can relate to an aged tire. AS a tire is placed on a car and driven, it will be aged due to use and elements, causing the cracks to form in the rubber. Often, these cracks are invisible to the human eye. The cracks actually form inside the tire, and over time, the cracking will cause the steel treads to separate from the rubber components of the tire. When shopping for new tires, you may have heard of tires that are designed to withstand higher mileage. The difference between these tires and regular tires is a special chemical used in the manufacturing process of the rubber.

How Long Can I Use a Tire?

If you ask the vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, and even rubber manufacturers about the average lifespan of a tire, they will likely give you differing opinions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are no specific recommendations except to check with the tire manufacturers. Many auto manufacturers often suggest to car buyers to replace their tires every six years. Tire manufacturers often recommend replacing a tire every ten years, as long as the driver has their tires unexpected after five years of use. You need the help of a qualified mechanic in San Diego to determine if you need a new set of tires on your car. 

San Diego Tire Wheel 

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