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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Your car is an investment that should last a lifetime, and buying a vehicle is one of the greatest expenses one can take on. Sadly, many vehicle owners don’t know much when it comes to basic automotive maintenance and repair. A simple way to make sure you get the best out of your investment is by undergoing scheduled, regular, preventative maintenance service as recommended by your mechanic or written in your owner’s manual. 

While some vehicle maintenance is unavoidable, regularly getting checks can potentially help prevent expensive repairs down the road, saving you a lot of money while also making sure your car is in optimal working condition. 

Why Is Regular Maintenance Essential?

The Importance of Preventative MaintenanceA vehicle that is poorly maintained won’t just hurt your wallet, but it can hurt you, too. It can also put others at risk of being seriously injured. There are many kinds of preventative maintenance, from simply changing the oil to a full diagnostic service for your car. So, why is regular maintenance so crucial for the longevity of your car? 

  • Improved Fuel Mileage. Visiting your local San Diego mechanics for your regular maintenance will enhance your car’s mileage. Failure to change your car’s motor oil or engine air filter will negatively impact your car’s gas mileage. If you ignore these, it will speed up the wear and tear of your car’s engine. It’s suggested that you implement a regularly scheduled oil change service every 3,000 miles. It’s also key that you get a full suspension maintenance service every 15,000 miles in order to reach your car’s optimal fuel efficiency. 
  • Staying Safe & Saving Money. Let’s be honest: it is way cheaper, in the long run, to replace your timing belt every 50,000 miles than to rebuild your entire engine after a snapped belt. Regularly checking and cleaning your battery every time you have an oil change service can have many benefits, including saving you from the risk of being stranded by a dead battery. A car that is poorly maintained is more likely to cause collisions, which can be more than costly. They may also pose a threat to you and other road users. 
  • Preventing Serious Damage. Many severe vehicle issues impacting your engine and transmission are preventable with a regularly scheduled maintenance service. Inspect your manufacturer-issued owner’s manual or visit a professional auto repair shop in San Diego to discover what preventative maintenance service your car needs and how often they should be performed. Basic maintenance services like oil changes and fluid inspections will greatly extend the life of your car. 

What Is Included in Regular Preventive Maintenance?

Regular Oil Changes

The first maintenance that any car gets right from the manufacturer is an oil change. This service is done right when your new vehicle hits 500 miles. It is during this period that many parts of the engine start to come together. Over time, tiny pieces of metal fracture and mix with the engine oil. Getting an oil change service will help flush out any debris, maintaining the health of your engine, and keeping it working at optimal efficiency. Regular oil maintenance is required every 3,000 miles. 

Transmission Checkups

Your transmission is likely the most costly part of your car concerning repairs. Without your transmission, your engine won’t be able to convert the power required to get the wheels of your vehicle moving. That means you need to avoid transmission-related concerns by scheduling regular vehicle checks, including having a fluid flush as needed. 

Battery Maintenance & Replacement

Without a working battery, your engine won’t be able to start. Depending on the brand of the battery, the lifespan differs. Some can last from a year to two years. Don’t wait for your battery to fail before getting a new one. 

Belt Changes

Your car has several belts that are needed for it to run properly, including the:

  • fan belt
  • timing belt
  • drive belt, and 
  • the power steering belt. 

After some time, these belts start to wear off. If they go ignored, they can potentially snap and result in catastrophic damage to your engine. Reference your owner’s manual or visit your local San Diego car repair mechanic for belt change service details. Depending on your car, a timing belt service is needed every 60,000 miles. 

Brake & Tire Inspection Services

Most highway collisions are caused by faulty brakes. This shows how crucial the condition and functionality of your breaks are to the safety of you and your vehicle. A good real is to check your brakes and suspension system every time you get an oil change service. Your breaks won’t work if your tires are worn, and it will be very hard to control your car in adverse conditions, like when the roads are wet and slippery. To ensure that your tires last longer, schedule a tire rotation service every 3,000 miles to help the effects of wear and tear. 

Auto Repair Shop San Diego’s Services

Does your car need preventative vehicle maintenance? Auto Repair Shop San Diego is a leading auto repair shop that specializes in preventative vehicle maintenance, including:

  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Battery Service
  • Auto Tune-up Service
  • Check Engine Light Repair
  • Oil Changes

Contact your nearest Auto Repair Shop San Diego location for a free quote. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help. Remember, regular vehicle maintenance will improve the functionality of your car and help it lost longer on the road. 

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