The Harm of Skipping a San Diego Oil Change

The Harm of Skipping a San Diego Oil Change

Some new car manufacturers have started recommended much higher oil change intervals than in the past, sometimes nearly 5,000 to 8,000 miles or greater. This has come under increasing scrutiny as large car manufacturers announced that car owners in San Diego were experiencing engine damage due to these increased oil change intervals. The standard oil drain service for these cars was scheduled at around 7,500 miles, and many car owners who followed these recommendations experienced engine damage due to sludge build-up. This led to small oil passes to clog and for engine components to fail. 

What Causes Oil Sludge? 

The Harm of Skipping a San Diego Oil ChangeIt is essentially a factor of time and mileage driven. There are key areas of the engine that cause oil burn off contributing to sludge. Water from typical condensation can build up in the oil, and this water can lead to sludge. Serious roadway conditions can contribute to rapid sludge growth. 

Severe driving conditions here in San Diego could include short trips under four miles or trips under ten miles in freezing weather. The engine just does not warm up enough for the water in the oil to evaporate. Severe conditions are the core of the issue. Stop-and-go driving, towing, dusty conditions, heavy loads, very hot or cold temperatures, and even a car-top carrier are conditions that may suggest that the severe service schedule should be taken. Severe service schedules have much shorter intervals for oil changes. 

Drivers need to evaluate their driving habits in order to determine if they should change their oil closer to the service schedule or the standard schedule. Certain types of passenger cars will offer oil change reminders, but it is crucial to understand how that reminder is determined. The reminder usually comes when the standard mileage intervals have been reached, and others utilize a computer algorithm that considers the number of cold starts, trip length, engine temperature, and other factors. It is programmed to estimate where the standard or severe service spectrum for your car. Some higher-end vehicles have sensors that test the cleanliness and effectiveness of the oil. 

Go to an Auto Repair Shop in San Diego

For most of us, it is better to be safe than sorry. Discuss your oil change service intervals with an auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile San Diego to work it out. Our team of technicians can help you determine the auto maintenance schedule for your car and driving habits. 

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