Common Causes of a Faulty Car A/C in San Diego CA

The Essentials of Power Steering Maintenance in San Diego CA

Many car owners do not know too much about power steering service in San Diego, and because of this, this important component of auto maintenance often goes neglected. If you look at national polls, it reveals that most people have not even heard of power steering service, but that is not all too surprising. Despite the fact that power steering is standard on every kind of car, the majority of vehicle owners are unaware of the routine service it needs. 

The Purpose of Power Steering

Some of those of a certain age may remember driving a car or truck that did not have power steering, and there is a real difference. It is like cutting a piece of wood with a hand saw versus a power saw. It is clear that one way will be much easier than the other. 

Your arms will have to do all the work to steer your car without power steering, and for those who have had their power steering go out, it can be quite difficult. The lack of power steering is the reason why older vehicles had such big steering wheels, to provide some more leverage and make it a bit easier for the driver. 

The Essentials of Power Steering Maintenance in San Diego CA

These days, most cars have a hydraulic power steering system, and this is powered by the serpentine belt. The belt powers a belt, which pressurizes the power steering fluid, activating a hydraulic cylinder and making it easier to steer the car. 

In certain cars, there is an electric pump instead of a belt-driven pump. Other newer vehicles with electric motors do not use any power steering fluid. As more hybrids and electric cars become available, we will probably start to see more electric systems. 

San Diego Power Steering Service

At this time, most power steering systems utilize power steering fluid that must be serviced, and the fluid must be changed for many reasons. It attracts moisture, and this build-up of water can really impact steering performance. It can become corrosive and damage components in the power steering system. Over time, the fluid will become contaminated and need to be flushed. You can remove the dirt by removing the old fluid and flushing the system, and the fresh fluid will provide some protection against corrosion. 

An auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair San Diego can help you put together a power steering service routine to extend the life of your power steering system. 

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