The Essentials of Differential Service & Repair in San Diego CA

The Essentials of Differential Service & Repair in San Diego

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what a differential is or what it does.  The reality is that everyone who drives a car has a differential. You have a differential whether your car is a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive. There’s a chance you’ll have two or three somewhere in your car. 

The Job of the Differential

A differential’s job is to compensate for disparities, as the name suggests. The variations in wheel speed during turning, in particular. Consider the following scenario: you’re turning a corner. As you round the bend, your inside wheel travels a shorter distance than your outside wheel. To keep up with the inside wheel, you’ll have to turn your outer wheel quicker.

The differential enables the wheels to rotate at various speeds while maintaining power. Our tires would scrape and bounce around the pavement if we didn’t have a differential.

The differential allows the wheels to spin at different speeds while still sustaining power. If our cars weren’t equipped with a differential, our tires would scratch and bounce across the road.

Because it integrates the differential and transmission into a single unit, the differential on front-wheel-drive cars is termed a transaxle. A differential or transfer case in an all-wheel-drive vehicle and compensates for speed variations between the front and rear driving wheels.

The Differential Helps Power the Engine

The Essentials of Differential Service & Repair in San Diego CAThe whole process may come off as overly complicated.  However, it is plain to see that your differentials are involved in routing all of the engine’s power. These components are powerful enough to do the job, but they’ll have to be properly oiled to stay that way. As a result, you’ll need to have your differential serviced from time to time. Your differential may be serviced by a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego. The old fluid is drained and a fresh one is added. Some differentials also require the installation of specific additives, which we can assist you with at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego.

The time and mileage frequency for maintaining your differential varies considerably depending on your vehicle. The transaxle in a front-wheel-drive vehicle will require more regular service than the rear differential in a pickup truck, so consult your service adviser or owner’s handbook for suggestions

Have your vehicle inspected today at a local auto repair shop in San Diego to see if you are overdue for a differential service or repair. 

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