The Essentials of Brake Repair in San Diego

The Essentials of Brake Repair in San Diego

Many drivers are unaware that they should be prepared for brake maintenance, brake repair, or other brake work every time they go in for an oil change or tire rotation. 

While your tires are off or your car is having its oil changed, it is the perfect time for an auto mechanic in San Diego to check the life of your brake pads, look for any fluid leaks, and ensure that the brake fluid reservoir is filled. This substance, known as brake fluid, allows you to stop faster and more safely. 

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

One thing that is completely unexpected, changing from vehicle to vehicle and even from model to model, is how quickly your brake pads will wear. While some drivers get fewer than 10,000 miles on a set of pads, others can get over 50,000 miles. That depends largely on the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer of your brake pads and how aggressively you drive your vehicle. Other factors, such as environmental differences including living in a hilly or flat area, can also impact the longevity of your brake pads. 

Brake pads wear should be checked at every oil change and tire rotation interval. Generally, you do not want to go under 2 millimeters of wear on your pads. If you go beyond that mark, you will certainly start to hear a squeaking as the worn arms scratch against your brake rotors. This is a sign that you need to service your vehicle right away. But, what exactly are brake rotors, anyway?

What Are Brake Rotors?

The Essentials of Brake Repair in San DiegoBrake rotors are the round, metal pieces of your braking system that rub against the brake pads. Your pads are pushed against the rotors by calipers, and your rotors are usually on the expensive side to replace. However, you need to replace your rotors when performing brake pad replacement if the rotors are under the legal thickness allowed by law. If your machine rotors are too thin, they will overheat and become and lose their round shape, resulting in a decreased ability to brake. The majority of drivers will also experience a kick-back from the brake pedal when it is engaged, often accompanied by a loud thunking noise. 

It is important that you have your braked checked at every service interval when you go in for auto maintenance in San Diego. Come on by Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to have a qualified technician inspect your brakes today. 

Brake Repair San Diego

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