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The Consequences of a Clogged Catalytic Converter

If your vehicle accelerates differently than usual, you may have a clogged catalytic converter. This is especially the case if your vehicle is 10 years old or older. A mechanic can inspect the converter and, if necessary, replace it. When the catalytic converter fails, you will experience lagging vehicle acceleration as one of the consequences. This is only one indication that the converter should be replaced. Here are some more indicators.

Sluggish Engine

Your acceleration will not be the only thing that slows down. Unfortunately, your engine’s performance will suffer as a result of the exhaust that cannot pass through the clogged converter and out of the exhaust system filling the combustion chamber. This has an impact on the performance of your engine because it affects the combustion process.

Poor Gas Mileage

As if a sluggish engine was not bad enough, your car’s gas mileage will suffer as well. This is due to the engine’s inability to perform and, as a result, burning more fuel. The performance and gas mileage of your engine will be restored once the clogged converter is replaced.

Dark Exhaust Smoke

It is also possible that dark exhaust smoke will emerge from the tailpipe. This means the converter is not able to handle the exhaust. The engine is also burning too much fuel to produce power, as evidenced by the dark exhaust.

Rancid Exhaust

The Consequences of a Clogged Catalytic ConverterWorse yet, the exhaust could smell like rotten eggs. This is due to sulfur deposits clogging the converter, which emit a rotten egg odor when heated. Hot exhaust heats up the sulfur in the exhaust, resulting in a rancid odor.

Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can also be produced by a clogged and malfunctioning catalytic converter. Although the heat originates beneath your vehicle, it has the potential to reach the engine. As a result, when you drive your car, the catalytic converter may cause your engine to overheat indirectly.

Check Engine Light

Finally, a system sensor may have sent an error code to the engine control module, resulting in an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard. Clogged catalytic converters are a common cause of check engine lights.

Always seek the advice of a qualified auto mechanic or technician at a local repair shop who has dealt with similar problems in the past. That way you can make sure that the issue is taken care of correctly the first time you bring your vehicle in for a repair. 

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