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The Benefits of Regular San Diego Tune-Ups

The phrase ‘tune-up’ encompasses a lot of different things. You will probably hear it frequently in radio or TV commercials, but what really is a tune-up? These days, the term is much closer to a maintenance check-up, although it still has connections with overall vehicle performance. In most cases, a tune-up will usually involve maintenance and repairs performed under the hood rather than on other components of the vehicle, such as the tires or suspension.

Understanding what a tune-up is and how it helps your vehicle last longer is crucial because regular tune-ups are required to keep engines running smoothly and with power. Here are some of the key things you should know about your next tune-up at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

What Comes with a Tune-Up?

A typical engine tune-up will often focus on repairing, cleaning, or replacing components under the hood. The tune-up process includes checking:

  • Spark plugs
  • Caps
  • Rotors
  • Wires
  • Fuel injection systems

Some tune-ups will involve inspections of other systems, including pumps, filters, and valves. The specifications of the tune-up will depend on the vehicle’s model, make, age, and wear. For a more extensive check-up, you may want to consider a complete vehicle inspection that includes other parts of the vehicle’s operation. 

How Often Should I Get a Tune-Up?

The Benefits of Regular San Diego Tune-UpsAs far as how often you should get a tune-up, each vehicle is different, However, a good rule of thumb to follow is once a year. You definitely should get a tune-up if you experience a loss in engine power, trouble starting your car, or strange sounds or smells coming from under the hood. You should ask a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego if you need more advice on a tune-up schedule for your car. 

Benefits of Routine Tune-Ups

Routine maintenance checks and precision tune-ups are required for all vehicle owners in San Diego. Some of the many benefits of routine tune-ups include the following:

  • Avoiding serious breakdowns
  • Reducing major repair bills down the road
  • Helping the vehicle retain a higher resale value over time
  • Keeping the vehicle performing in optimal condition, while saving money on gas
  • Keeping the engine starting reliably
  • Lowering emissions
  • Restoring lost engine power

Quality Tune-Ups & Diagnostics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

A good tune-up begins with proper diagnostic processes. At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, our team of certified auto mechanics in San Diego utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose your vehicle and provide an in-depth and accurate estimate of the work needed before any repairs need to be performed. 

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