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The Basics of Car AC Maintenance in San Diego

Your car is a collection of different systems that all require maintenance, and the air conditioner often goes overlooked. In order to avoid a neglected AC from going out, particularly during the warmer Summer months, you should perform regular check-ups on your car at an auto repair shop in San Diego

How Does Vehicle Air Conditioning Work?

In order to properly maintain your AC system, you have to understand how it works. Your car’s air conditioning system is made up of five components, including a compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, expansion valve, and evaporator. In simple terms, the air is cooled by changing pressure in the system, resulting in a lower temperature. When the AC is turned on, the compressor applies pressure to the refrigerant in the system, raising its temperature. This process causes air to lose heat while traveling through the condenser before passing through the dryer in order to remove any moisture and then the expansion valve, slowing down the refrigerant even further. This process results in decreased temperature and pressure. Then, the air will travel through the evaporator in the dash, cooling it further and removing moisture until it is blown out of the vehicle’s ventilation system and into the cab. 

How Often Should the AC System Be Checked?

The Basics of Car AC Maintenance in San Diegogo Smog TestIf your car’s air conditioner is not cooling you properly or the airflow is not as it should be, then it is likely time for a checkup. This probably means that your car is low on Freon or refrigerant. Low Freon may mean there is a leak in your system or a potential system failure because the AC system should be sealed. 

When working on your car’s AC, it usually happens in five parts. However, the system is composed of charging ports and hoses. If you have a problem, it can range from a simple to a complicated fix. Firstly, you should buy a home-charging kit, including fluorescent dye to locate leaks and instructions to safely add coolant. Leaves, bugs, and other debris may be a cause, all of which can be simply cleaned with a garden hose. If these are not the issues, be certain that the compressor belt is not worn or that the hoses have cracked, bubbled, or deteriorated in some way. 

It is advised to be aware of any changes in your car to prevent issues before they arise, and have any issues taken care of with the help of an auto mechanic in San Diego

Car AC Repair San Diego

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