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Tech Is Improving Auto Repair Customer Service

Nearly everyone hates dealing with car troubles. 

However, due to new technologies, the face of the auto repair industry is changing–beginning with the car itself. 

New onboard tech allows analysts to measure a car’s performance, increase vehicle security, and control the environment of the car through mobile devices. 

Similarly, customer service in the auto repair industry is going through a tech-based revolution that has beneficial implications for customers. 

Video Technology Tells All

One of the most common customer complaints when buying a new car is being held accountable for scratches and dents, particularly when they happen during transit. 

In fact, Mercedes has chosen an IP solution to this problem involving video surveillance software and IP cameras. 

Exterior cameras record the entire procedure of loading the vehicle into the showroom, including the license plate number. 

This tech allows live video anywhere over the web. Specific dates, times, or accidents can be found on the video in a matter of seconds. 

Any crash involving theft or vandalism is recorded instantly. As this tech becomes an industry standard for dealerships, service, and repair centers, customers can be more certain that they are not taking on the expense of someone else’s negligence. 

Also, more consumers are taking matters into their own hands by leaving their dash cames on when getting repairs done on their vehicles. 

Studies have found that more and more customers are leaving on their dashcams when they leave their car at a shop. This has created some concerns for mechanics who work on a flat rate. There have been some companies working on camera systems that will read a vehicle’s license place number so the shops will already have the information as the customer pulls up. 

Video technology is essentially empowering customers and making the vehicle repair process more streamlined.

Service Center Benefits for Customers

Tech Is Improving Auto Repair Customer ServiceFew things are more stressful than vehicle repairs, car crashes, body damage, or just regular vehicle maintenance. 

Vehicles require maintenance, whether it is a car straight from the assembly line or if it has been around for a few decades. 

Service and repair shops are extremely competitive, and these centers usually don’t have standard rates for their services. This can make it hard for consumers to get a fair deal. 

A shocking report from U.S. News from 2013 found that women are usually charged more for vehicle service and maintenance compared to men. 

However, thanks to technology, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

The time of choosing between potentially being overcharged or spending hours comparing online quotes or over the phone has come to an end. 

Due to new app platforms, customers are able to shop for auto repair services, maintenance, and oil changes by using an app from the palm of their hand, without needing to do a web search for multiple quotes and without even having to make a phone call. 

Essentially, new tech is a mutual-benefit for both consumers and auto repair shops because it establishes a sense of trust and transparency in the transaction. 

Consumers feel empowered, and the auto service company gets much-needed exposure to new customers that may not have seen them otherwise. 

In a recent study, car dealers and auto repair shops were asked to describe the leading trend in the car repair industry. The study found that most pinpointed that advancing technology has provided customers greater access than ever before to gather information on the industry and make informed decisions and find the best shop for their specific needs. 

Mobile Visibility for Auto Repair Shops

As we’ve said, customer service apps are a benefit to both customers and the vehicle service industry.

Companies that use apps to send information about their offers, services, and special deals can earn instant visibility among mobile device users globally. 

They can increase viewer interest with blogs and tips about many topics, like the differences synthetic and petroleum-based oil, how to drive in adverse weather conditions, winter auto maintenance, and trouble-shooting for common car problems. 

These industries can maintain virtual records of the vehicle’s history, all the way from the assembly line to the showroom, in order to provide greater satisfaction to their customers. 

By networking with other customer service experts, these companies can effectively increase their cyber-security, measure vehicle performance, and keep track of the growth of the company. 

Final Thoughts

More than ever, today’s customers are connected and informed, and up-to-date vehicle dealers and service providers are doing all they can to please the modern, mobile customer. 

Even waiting rooms at vehicle dealerships and repair shops have changed drastically. 

While customers are waiting in the service area, customers these days have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and work stations for all their online needs. 

For the millions of customers who have made online purchases a part of their daily routine and who run their businesses on their laptop, this can save time and reduce stress when they find themselves stuck at an auto repair shop in San Diego. Experts forecast that the rise of in-vehicle tech and consumer-centric mobile apps will really put customers in control when it comes to buying and repairing their cars. 

Because of this, car dealerships and repair shops who pride themselves in doing honest business are able to evolve to a changing customer case and take a large share of the market. 

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