When Do I Need to Service My Air Conditioner?

Routine San Diego Car Maintenance 101

You are probably familiar with the old adage of 3,000 or 5,000-mile oil change debate. When your headlights start to dim, you will change them almost right away. However, do you know how often you should flush your vehicle’s transmission fluids or check your car’s radiator belts and hoses? If you answered, yes, but only […]

Keep Your Engine in San Diego CA Cool This Summer

The 8 Cheapest Cars to Maintain

The Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Expenses User car dealerships usually enroll all cars in a “maintenance reminder” program. This could include letters, notifications by email, or even notifications from your vehicle’s control panel.  Here is a list of some of the maintenance expenses you can expect to pay for when buying a used car: Brakes […]

How Can I Tell If My Brakes Are Going Bad?

Wheel Alignment & Tire Services

Signs That Your Tires Are Out of Alignment The following signs could mean that your wheels are out of alignment and need to be checked.  Your vehicle pulls to one side while driving The steering wheel vibrates or shakes You notice uneven tire wear If you notice any problems with the wheel alignment of your […]