Steps to Take After a Car Breakdown

Steps to Take After a Car Breakdown

Many of us hope to never be in a situation where we have to deal with a car breakdown. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, and it can be extremely stressful if it occurs on a highway. We understand that this is a frightening situation, but knowing what steps to take and how to best handle it can help you stay safe and get your car fixed as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is move your vehicle to the side of the road or out of traffic as safely as possible. If your car breaks down in a dangerous location, you may be at risk of a car accident, so knowing your surroundings is critical.

Tips to Follow When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Here are some suggestions for what you should do if your car breaks down:

  • Turn on your emergency lights. Your emergency lights will alert other drivers on the road that something is wrong, allowing them to proceed with caution when driving near your vehicle.
    Steps to Take After a Car Breakdown
  • Pull over. If your car begins to break down, pull over to the side of the road in a safe location as soon as possible. When you notice your car slowing down, pull over to the side of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic.
  • Turn off the car. Turn off your vehicle as soon as you’re safely off the road and out of harm’s way.
  • Call a tow truck or roadside assistance. This will quickly dispatch a professional to assess the situation and, if necessary, remove your vehicle from the road.
  • Call the authorities. Stay in your vehicle, turn on your hazard lights, and call the police if your vehicle stops in the middle of the road with nothing you can do. They will be able to safely divert traffic away from your vehicle, preventing accidents.
  • Call an auto repair shop. If your car is being towed, contact a local auto repair shop to see if they can take it in for an initial inspection. This will save you money on towing in the long run and expedite the resolution of your problem.

Go to an Auto Repair Shop

The first thing you should do if you find yourself in a breakdown situation is to make sure you are safe. If your vehicle requires repair, contact a qualified auto mechanic and they will ensure that it is restored and returned to the road as soon as possible.

Auto Maintenance in Kearny Mesa

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