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Steering System Maintenance for Your San Diego Vehicle

Most vehicle owners take for granted that a steering wheel will work when needed. However, even your car’s steering system can have issues. As a car owner in San Diego, you should know how to take care of your vehicle’s steering system. 

Steering involves two primary areas: the power assist and the actual components that steer the car. 

Power Assist

Steering System Maintenance for Your San Diego VehicleCars today almost all have power steering, a hydraulic power steering pump that provides a boost to help you steer the car. The pump is often driven by a serpentine belt, but some new cars have electric pumps. It is important to remember that these pumps and motors will wear out over time, and the hoses will begin to leak. You can postpone these issues by having your power steering system routinely serviced. During this service, our auto mechanics in San Diego drain the old fluid and replace it will new fluid, removing water and contaminants that will wear the power steering components. 

You should consult with a qualified technician at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego for your unique change internal. 

Steering System Parts

Now let’s discuss the mechanical steering components. What can you do to maintain these parts? If any part of your steering system needs lubrication, your mechanic in San Diego will take care of it with a lube, oil, and filter service. Besides that, you should look out for signs of wear, such as loose steering or uneven tire wear. You can replace worn components to get you back behind the wheel. In some cases, parts may be bent or damaged due to potholes, curbs, or rocks on the road. The most important thing to remember is that you take care of these problems early on before they damage or stress other components. This can result in a chain reaction that damages more components in your vehicle. 

General steering maintenance is pretty straightforward. You should replace your steering fluid as recommended and repair worn or damaged components immediately. A simple maintenance routine will save you money down the road. 

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